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Big Time Gangsta iphone game app cred packs free cheats

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timhi1996 8 yr ago x
Changing the year fs up the time you get paid in 10yrs now that's bs
Jacque 8 yr ago x
Jippik what's your email address?i need the cheat
yoyoyoyoyoyoyoyo 8 yr ago x
how do u use paros
p4T 8 yr ago x

Could you email me pls. I can't find yours.
tez 8 yr ago x
I subscribe and did everything I think u ask help me out
nishan 8 yr ago x
its very easy to get credit. u have to minimize BT gangsta and go to sattings and jange date n again open BT gangsta and than collect money from each building and wantch vidios. its easy. i got level 47 in one day
Unibroue 8 yr ago x
if you put the date like 1month in advance, and then go back to the real date, the timer for money and tonic will be of 1month before you can collect, so just desinstall the game
Jaegz 8 yr ago x
Jippik do you hane yahoo mail account? Please help me to get free cred
roediggz 8 yr ago x
Jippik, can you email the crack. thanks
rayan 8 yr ago x
how can i minimize the bt gansgter , to gain more credite could you help me please nishan
peYYete 8 yr ago x
BT Gangsta version 1.2.1 Creed hack To receive 99.999 million creed we need
- IPhone:) (I have firmware 4.3.3 iPhone 4)
- IFiles (you can download it in cydia)
- BT Gangsta
1. Turn on "Airplane" in the settings (the game must be turned off by multi-tasking and no internet!)
2. Go to iFiles> Options and tick the "name of program" and "hidden files"
3. Follow the path "/ var / mobile / applications / BT Gangsta / Documents / .AdColony" there find the file "metadata.plist
4. Open it with "Viewer plist"
5. Click "dictionary" where we find a line called "vc_reward_amount" and change the value from 1 to 99 999
6. Save all the "Done" button (upper right corner)
7. Go in the game, press "gang> watch video"
8. Enjoy:)

email is working or not, I have everything working perfectly, the game took 2 hours:)

translation made by Google as I myself am from Russia:)

instruction in Russian
Инструкция на русском

BT Gangsta версия 1.2.1 Creed hack
Для получения 99999 тысяч creed нам понадобиться
- iPhone (у меня iPhone 4 прошивке 4.3.3)
- iFiles (скачать можно в cydia)
- BT Gangsta

1. Включаем "Airplane" в настройках (игра должна быть выключена через мультизадачность и никакого интернета!)
2.Заходим в iFiles > опции и отмечаем галочку "название программ" и "скрытые файлы"
3. Идем по пути "/var/mobile/applications/BT Gangsta/Documents/.AdColony" там ищим файл "metadata.plist
4. Открываем его с помощью "Средство просмотра plist"
5. Жмем "dictionary" там ищим строчку с названием "vc_reward_amount" и изменяем значение с 1 на 99999
6.Сохраняем все кнопкой "готово" (правый верхний угол)
7. Заходим в игру, нажимаем "gang > watch video"
8. Наслаждаемся
blubba 8 yr ago x
and 4 the ipod touch?
juice  8 yr ago x
can someone please give me an easy basic way to get free cred?
juice  8 yr ago x
Eh does anybody have any other cheats other than changing the date to collect cash and credit? I am using the "Samsung Galaxy Tab"
sean 8 yr ago x
i need 50 credits..add me as fbook friend..shantanu shankar vats..:)
jake 8 yr ago x
Anyone who knows how to get free creed for BT Gangsta please email on how to?
Scop3 8 yr ago x
Jippik whats your email pls i dont find it
anbrown07 8 yr ago x
my time is like 678 hours until i collect money i can i get it back to regular time?
rohacku2.5.9 8 yr ago x
anbrown07 if u move ur date up to 2045 or later u wont be able to do nothing well if u have gamecenter connect to it and delete the app then u install it again and thats it ;)
bwhite 8 yr ago x
Jippik txt me on how to get free credit 3174555107
Alexander 8 yr ago x
please Jippik or somebody send me email with creed crack for BT Gangsta v.1.2.3.
Best Regards!!
voida 8 yr ago x
how do i un install and re install without losing all data ??
oname 8 yr ago x
BT Gangstar Free Cred
Jippik 8 yr ago x
Ok guys
My yahoo is jippik14
and MSN:

Add me or e-mail me on

OR text on: 407-852-8904
J-dog 8 yr ago x
How do u get free cress also moving day one ahead got me a ton of money and start intense workout then advance 2 days and 100 hp adds in 1 minute
stacy 8 yr ago x
I tried everything for the G2 phone can someone help me?
Alexader 8 yr ago x
I will e-mail you!!!
Nas 8 yr ago x
I won free slots 5 credits bt I didnt get it...! How to take prize ..frm slots?
JiPpik 8 yr ago x
I need moor credits
cooney island hitman 8 yr ago x
I used to the date trick to build up cash, upgraded 3 of my gangstas with the Chester (225k) then spent about 200k on normal med(1.5k) and made sure each of my gangstas had atleast 30+ managed to make it level 45 and repeated the process and own a few hammers now. Hope that helps
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