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Big Time Gangsta iphone game app cred packs free cheats

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cooney island hitman 7 yr ago x
I should be more specific I was referring to the Arena to win the Gold Hammer.
Yourboy Jaysims 7 yr ago x
I need all the help I can get. Someone please help I have no friend and 7 crd. I need to get my weight up quick!!!

By the way I have a T-moblie sidekick phone. So if anyone can help me please.
steven 7 yr ago x
please please please jippik help me get a walk through to get paros and bt gangster cheats

my email is ***

super kind regards,
Yang 7 yr ago x

Nice try to find the paros website, but I went through and finally I found the website. Meet me in the break time next monday, it you want to now the website!
jippik 7 yr ago x
Ok guys

Just for mind every one that steven sucks!
admins 7 yr ago x
To everyone: do not use multiple usernames
SmOkE 7 yr ago x

You are awesome dude!! :) Superb indeed...thank you so very much!! :)
steven 7 yr ago x
Yang is the best person on the earth. He is so so nice.
Yang 7 yr ago x
I found the website Steven, here is it:

Did you now that, it took me forever to find the stupid paros download website so you better give me more than 25% of your chips tomorrow!
marco 7 yr ago x
need help with cash and credits
steven 7 yr ago x
yang but how do you transfer to the ipod
I cannot do that
Teach me in the lunch time and tell me how
Caleb h 7 yr ago x
Some one help me I used the turn the day ahead and now it says I have thousands of hours to get my protection money plz someone help me plz
saul2319654 7 yr ago x
Any one that knows how to get free credits text me5209095933 thank u
SmOkE 7 yr ago x
@ Caleb h..

That's no problem brother. Just edit the date to a value that enables you to get your money back. Launch the game, don't collect any money. See around a bit; be careful not to touch any money. Then close the game. After that, change your date back to normal. Launch the game now and Lo, you have all your money back!! :D

I hope I am able to explain. If you still don't understand; feel free to ask :) 7 yr ago x
Hey jippik can you email me please I tried to email you but it messed up so please email me as the email shown as a nickname okay. Thanks hope to hear back... Bye! 7 yr ago x
Caleb h all I did was change the year ahead then and it works again, granted it now says 2013 but lol who cares-nick
meka teal 7 yr ago x
I need more credits how can I get them somebody help me plz
Nicolas 7 yr ago x
dude how do u hack it on SE Xperia X10? plz helpp!!!!!!!!!!!
Caleba H  7 yr ago x and SmOkE
thx for the help my game is back to normal. thx peeps
BTgangsta 7 yr ago x
How do u change the date on an iPhone 4s so I can get the protection money
Babysaintz  7 yr ago x
If ya still need help to get credal n money hit me up on .... ..... n I'll show ya how I'm lvl 52
vito 7 yr ago x
i dont need long barrel.updated the bt gangsta and there are new guns .i already get long shot that 375000green.i have 6 long shot damage280-320accuary90clip2relode3 seconds
do not now my name  7 yr ago x
its very easy,just update the big time gangsta,and see new guns, a long shot that cost 375000green.keep set the date and time in setting then press general after that,press date and time,get all the protection money,til reach 375000 green. i already have 6 long shot. am i helpfull?
I have all the gangstaz all the guns but I use the best one on each of my gangstaz I have all items if ya need help let me know
hahaha!do nt now my name it's me vito 7 yr ago x
i've complete tha bt gangsta.because long shot.(update bt gangsta first).
jason 7 yr ago x
that's good vito,i'm update my bt gangsta i have to set the date and time over and over again!!!!!!!!
Khan 7 yr ago x

I need credit cheat please help me for IPAD2... thank you
vito again  7 yr ago x
set the date and time but watch out!!! i set the year,but when i turned back all protection money will give you reward at 27 years!!!!!!!!the trick is set the year,and back to bt gangsta,in 2 seconds after that,back to date and time and set back the year to normal can do it over and over again!!!!!good luck!!!!!!!
vito one more time 7 yr ago x
jippik,hurry!!!!!!answer khan!!!!
vito 7 yr ago x
BABYSAINTZHOW,how to earn 100cred for free????
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