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Big Time Gangsta iphone game app cred packs free cheats

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vito again 8 yr ago x
how to earn 200 cred????????!!!!!!!!!!!!c'mon,somebody answer me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm waiting!!!!!!!!!!! been waiting c'mon 8 yr ago x
how to earn 190cred????.?..?.?..
BTGS 8 yr ago x
I set the year but i cannot watch video.what can i do?
Durh 8 yr ago x
Not sure if anyone's clicked on but all you need to do if money timer so far go to day after don't take any money go back to actual date and back to normal
BTGS 8 yr ago x
okay,i give it a try.
BTGS 8 yr ago x
its still not work durh.maybe thre is another way then set date and time and watch video?i mean,are there is another way to watch video fast
vito 8 yr ago x
thank you works very well
jippik 8 yr ago x
okay khan,like this,go to settingstohen tap general,then,tap set date and time,then set the date to 1year ahead,finnaly, big time gangsta and see whats happing,but dont tap annything. wait a second,then get back to setting,tap general,tap set date and time,then set back to actual date.tehn open big time gangsta and you can tap all the protection money.understood ,khan?
Shadow 8 yr ago x
Wow ya are lame i have a hack i can get as many creds as i want if ya want free creds msg me :::::: ***@yahoo.Com
toyyoi86 8 yr ago x
Please help me guys...i need a way to hack this game..i want many creed and green..

email me : ***
JnyBgood 8 yr ago x
Got a Droid X, playin the bt gangsta game app & tried the trick of setting the date a few years ahead. Doesn't seem to work. Also, would like to see a trick to gain more cred along with more green. Any tricks to get more jewels too?
Rafi 8 yr ago x
i cant play the video for free cred???
vito 8 yr ago x
okay,just set the date to 1 day ahead and back to big time gangsta then check the video,if the video work,back to the date and time,then set back the date to actual date,then watch the video over and over takes forever,but it works.
'-' 8 yr ago x
Shadow,how to earn 100 cred To makes me happy?
reiner 8 yr ago x
yo peeps, after delete bt gansta and i install back, can i get the old files back?
JnyBgood 8 yr ago x
So on my DroidX app, there is no video to watch for cred. I did the steps to get more green, that wasn't an issue. I need cred to get bigger guns...I'm stuck at 2 boss buildings that have 2 bosses each & they're slaughtering me! I can't move on until I defeat them. Anything else I can do without rooting my phone in order to get more cred since also there aren't any 'watch video for cred' buttons on my app?
tee tee 8 yr ago x
Someone please walk me through the process of getting Creds and money
vito 8 yr ago x
or how about,update bigtime gangsta.go to app store,then update big time gangsta.and there is new weapons,buy the weapons neme"long shot",then equip to all your have to cost 375000green.keep set the date and time to one day ahead.then back to big time gangsta in a second but dont tap annything,then set back the date to actual date.then back to big time gangsta and fiinaly tap all the protection money you got.repeat over and over again until all your gang have long shot,you can also upgrade your gang to complete a level.
bt gangstA cody 8 yr ago x
How u hack window Paros I really need help I have 0 credits
LL cool L 8 yr ago x
hey herman how do you get paros?
mjankuski 8 yr ago x
i have a way to help you earn cred. i'm in the top 500 right now! add me as a friend. mjankuski
JnyBgood 8 yr ago x
Add as a friend on what/where?
ChazzMania 8 yr ago x
If you want to know how to get free money and a chance of getting free credit the listen up. It is probobly very unlikely that you will get alot of cred however you will probobly get 1 in every 20 times of doing it.
To do the cheat you need to go onto settings choose "general" once in go down to the bottom and choose "Time and Date" once in turn auto date off and go into "change Time or Date" then change the date 1 up once done go back onto BT Gangster and all of you money and previous contracts will be done and ready for collecting and once every day you get 1-5 goes on the arcade which, if continuasly done, will eventualy get you 3-15 cred deppending on the time.
blitzporter 8 yr ago x
if you change the date on your ipod 1 day ahead, you can keep doing this and you will get free slot rolls and buildings will be ready to collect. repat this cheat as many times as you want but make sure your buildings are ready to collect when you set date back to normal
knowitall 8 yr ago x
If you would like to earn quick cash set device to highest possible date collect green the set date to the day before the current date then it will be just as normal u will still be able to collect green. With the cribs ive unlock i get 30,000 per time
Younghavoc 8 yr ago x
How do you get free cred on the ipad 2. What you gotta do to hack it
Horry 8 yr ago x
Hey jippik wats your email...
Skilledcomet 8 yr ago x
Add me on facebook feel free to send me a friend request so we can battle on bt gangster my name is Liam rigazio :)
blaze 8 yr ago x
how to get free creds if im offline??
can you help me? tnx
Pasha 8 yr ago x
Ребят на HTC Dezire z!???Free cred?????Please!!!
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