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Big Time Gangsta iphone game app cred packs free cheats

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BILL 8 yr ago x
Jippik 8 yr ago x
Ok Khan, text me or write me on ill tell youuuuu
Jippik 8 yr ago x
Ok guys you need to chill out using my name as you nickname. Write me or text me, i left my contacts in these messages, e-mails start with "jippik" or "jippik14" and phone number of course starts with (407), please excuse me if i dont reply to you right away, i have a life too and work, be patient, i will reply to you for sure. Thank you.
In need of creds 8 yr ago x
Jippik can you email me how to get lots of credits
Driftz 8 yr ago x
Guys if you want to get easy money & heal your guys fast just go to settings & advance your iPod time by 1 day & u hav all ure protection money ready & free casino spins every time u do it plus all missions & healing is done
19mack93 8 yr ago x
where are the videos ,which a must watch when I want free cred .When I press gang and then earn cred I have on screen only apps for download ...I try to find it but nothing ...
Rentao 8 yr ago x
Please help i can watch video for free cred.. I try date the time but i can watch
Rentao 8 yr ago x
Jippik please can you help me earn lots of credits

This is my email thanks
butti21 8 yr ago x
How can you get more free cred Btangry
rick 8 yr ago x
I just found out how to get 45 cred freenonly takes about 1min 1/2
rentao 8 yr ago x
how rick can you help me ??
rick 8 yr ago x
Email me
luis 8 yr ago x
Please give me free cred!
Stuntman 8 yr ago x
After u go up the next day make sure u don't hav any missions going then don't take the money yet..change the date back to normal then take the money then u shud b good
Ale 8 yr ago x
Please can someone tell me a way to get free cred im in level 37 with good weapons but i need some cred can anyone help me
ocelot 8 yr ago x
Jippik if u really wanted to help u d have posted the trick here instad of doing the big head!!
Pfff 5pages of nothing. If u know tell us. Uf u dont shut the f***k up!!
e 8 yr ago x
What and how is the tonic used
marco 8 yr ago x
can i have 100000 cred and dollers please
challenger25 8 yr ago x
Help on BT GANGSTA Running it on the EVO if u can help with cheats anything other than change time and date. Thanks
badboy 7 yr ago x
i just did the thing to get money and cred fast by chaning the date but then i had to waitfor 14 hours but now i have to wait for 24 hours can some one help me
badboy 7 yr ago x
why is it so hard to get cred i think you should be able to use the money you get to buy cred!!
badboy 7 yr ago x
i know a fast way to get the gold gun get your strongest wepon and get 30.000$ and then use all the money to buy small hellth packs and small amno and get the beast gansters i hope that it works for you guys.
badboy 7 yr ago x
to get the best gangsta just cheat to get cred and use the cred to buy stuuf for the house and you can have you gangsta work out to get more life so you can just do that good luck!
badboy 7 yr ago x
are the girl gangstas worth the cred i need new gangstas but i dont know wich one to get!
Joker 7 yr ago x
I know how to get free card all you have to do is go to this link and you'll fined free gugu and just click on it will get you 257 card thank you !
ctrll 7 yr ago x
Need free money and cred quickly, anyone who can help would be rewarded ;). Contact me on yahoo at "gbemi_talabi"
ctrll 7 yr ago x
Really need free cred and money quickly. Anybody who can help would be highly rewarded;). You can contact me on yahoo at "gbemi_talabi"
Barber boy  7 yr ago x
Wich paros is it
Dato 7 yr ago x
I want 999999 cred
Kimmy 7 yr ago x
How can i get free cred at bt gangsta games?
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