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Big Time Gangsta iphone game app cred packs free cheats

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Jippik 7 yr ago x
How do u get free creds now?
Febreze fresh 7 yr ago x
I have a ckz-750 that does 440-510 damage and a long shot. All I had to do was watch a lot of videos.
jwiz 7 yr ago x
How do u watch the video
Jippik 7 yr ago x
Ocelot, there was posted the trick on this messages, go to page 2 and read what peYYete said, and then talk
Cypron  7 yr ago x
I was playing BT gangster at around mid night and the casino bonus came up and it said free spin for only about goes through the number of spins to like 1-5 and I got some mean guns and 300,000 green and since I have all turfs I could get I make like 11,000 with all my green to collect and I'm nearly on my third rifle for 375,000 green. It was pretty sweet but has only happened once to me.
mystic1772 7 yr ago x
I need credit hack and where is the icon to watch the videos.???? I use the galaxy player 5.0. which is a mini tab
specialk 7 yr ago x
whats msn
specialk 7 yr ago x
what videos
specialk 7 yr ago x
is anyone there
peYYete 7 yr ago x
If u wana gift,add me like a friend in game center,nick: kakTyc_peYYete
peYYete 7 yr ago x
If u wana free creds downlad from cydia "iAPFree" instal it,respring,buy something inapp like normal and you'll get it free... repo:
peYYete 7 yr ago x
Working in 2.2.1 version
ricci 7 yr ago x
How do i get cheats on this game i have it for a sprint htc shift
Mark 7 yr ago x
Jippik plz tell me how to
Jay5678 7 yr ago x
I wish they have free cred every day
NoEverything 7 yr ago x
I no everything bout btg if u need money than get 1 and I mean 1 of those gold coins and go gambleing u go unlimeted times!!
NoEverything 7 yr ago x
To get unlimeted
money get 1 and I mean 1 of those gold coins and gamble!!!
NoEverything 7 yr ago x
Tell me how it works for u :)
NoEverything 7 yr ago x
I come on e dry month
NoEverything 7 yr ago x
I mean I come on every month
haydos 7 yr ago x
look guys yuo dont have to wait hours to heal up you just go to settings, general, date and time , set datea nd time then put it to a date 3,4 days forward from the actual date and then go back and go into it again and put the the date back a day also get free money and you dont have to wait for your guys to heal

p.s. dont do this to many times once you get to 50000 dollars leave it for a day then do it again
baad 7 yr ago x
how i got lot cred
Randy orton 7 yr ago x
Wat to do if I have something lyk 21212121.08 mins left for having money
Daddy 7 yr ago x
Dont do the date cheat because it will f#@$ up you building the time will be 522442243 days , 4576443 hours
CheatzMaster 7 yr ago x
Yo guys so set one year ahead if ur Watch a video to earn creds button didnt work.1 vid takes about 13 secs and you can only watch 9 so you get 9 credits.Hope this helps,brahs.
Matt 7 yr ago x
How do I get cred
skorpionjuggalo 7 yr ago x
TIP if you need cash: 1 you can change the time on your device to collect protection money.2 if you have 1,2 or cred you can go to the casino and spin the slot machine as many times as you want I haven't found a cheat for glu credits yet I'm still looking
Dray 6 yr ago x
What do I do if my watch video option doesn't work and keeps telling me the feature isn't available at the moment
sfb zach 6 yr ago x
I hacked the game to know the lottery game well all you need is two you coins or 1 and you press spin and when it says do you want to spend 4 hour credits you press ok and there you go I think I am the only one that knows this until now
zboy 6 yr ago x
Sorry change hour to your in my answer sorry stupid phone
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