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Big Time Gangsta iphone game app cred packs free cheats

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teccaninna 6 yr ago x
Umm… this game is free, if your people die or are doing missions go to settings, general, date and time, and then set ahead a day or so to collect money and tonic.
teccanina 6 yr ago x
I forgot to mention only free way to get credits are to level up (through boosting as I described) or to complete offers to earn 'free' credits (isn't really free X( )
thiago 6 yr ago x
isn't there a cheat the gives u 50 cred if there was me would be happy
Ishmam 6 yr ago x
Hi,guys.I will show you how to get Free Green!I mean cash!!I will even show you how to heal your gangstas instantly!The cheat for both of the tasks is same!So,for example,if you have to wait for 1 hour to collect your protection money,exit the game,go to Settings,then General,then Date & Time,turn off Set Automatically,a new option will appear called "Set Date & Time.Go to that option,then set the time 1 hour faster.Then launch BT Gangsta.You wil see that your protection money is ready to be collected!It is the same if you want to heal your gangstas instantly!

I am looking for free cred.Please tell me.I need help.If I can get a way of how to get free cred,I will tell you,don't worry.
Ishmam 6 yr ago x
Please,guys.I want to earn free credits!Help Me!!
SVB808 6 yr ago x
I need help to get infinite Cash & Credit Cards please
Lololololololol 4 yr ago x
does anyone know hOw to get free cred? Cash isn't a big problem but all I need is cred
Scoo6yofficial 4 yr ago x
How do i get unlimited creds for 6ig time gangster
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