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Talking Gina the Giraffe free strawberries cheats app instructions baby

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guest 13 yr ago x
Why should we have to take care of Gina? We have to do what a talking giraffe says! And that clapping game, if you miss 1 clap she's sad! It's just horrible. The app says download a game and get an ice-cream cone or 5 strawberries but nothing happened!

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guest 13 yr ago x
It's almost impossible to keep her happy! You only get one item everyday, otherwise you have to buy stuff.. If you accidentally poke her belly, she looses 1%! And she doesn't always get happier when you pet her.
guest 13 yr ago x
The one thing I dislike about this app is that you always HAVE to give Gina her specific orders. If not, she will refuse to accept it. For example, I don't want the app that it tells me to download if I want free (example) strawberries. I also can't afford it at the moment. So then I can't play for a while since she refuses everything else and I don't have any strawberries :/
Aria 13 yr ago x
Yeah it's a fun game... That is if you have a lit of money to spend. Otherwise it's lame. I really don't like games with ingame purchases and although I get that the company has to make something off a free app can't they just leave it?
Jia Liang 13 yr ago x
Why we have to take care Gina? It wants you to use real money for fake foods. Talking Gina is free, but much I hate downloading Papaya Apps for food because they are taking the phone's space. There's also a game of Patty Cake. It just clap here and there. Very Confusing. Please UNINSTALL this Outfit 7's Gina app...
natalia Isabela 13 yr ago x
Guest 13 yr ago x
My friend said that she was being charged for stuff that was unwanted
Djhala 13 yr ago x
Every day i try i go on to talking gina it is always down heaps like one day i nearly got a baby but it would not let me get points and the next day im on 57% i think its bullcrap!
Poophead101 13 yr ago x
I don't get what to do after u get 10 babies!
Smileyave 13 yr ago x
After 10 babies, if you get to 100% gina will not have anymore babies!! It is stupid and a waste of time, get this app if you are willing to spend everyday with this stupid thing.
Yeah it stinks bad 13 yr ago x
It is terrible horrible no good really bad
Sunil 13 yr ago x
I hated patty cake game because it was so difficult. But after a month me and my 6 yo daughter completed all 32 levels at three stars and unlocked all the pictures. Not spent a dime on stuff :)
name of the pride 13 yr ago x
well what i do at stage 10 i play two things of the game clappy thing and she has her babies i finished the game
Smileyave 13 yr ago x
At stage 10 she won't make more babies, its stupid, delete it :P
Water brezze 13 yr ago x
Its 11:58 in the morning where im at it's
08/23/11 2 days before school I just downloaded an app to get 5 free berries and I only gave me 1! All that for 1 berry!
the guy of knolage and peace 13 yr ago x
do ya think that gina feels like this right now cuase we r doing that to her not being nice r we???? i mean relax its a game no money needs to be spent find the path through this maze gaze at the path and go through it dont blather about it being hard dont pay to cheat to the end dont bribe them get the path that is free and it leads you free think is this game worth going this is dumb raghhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! over??? or is it simpily that your paying for the cheating??? do ya want free or bribing them to get to the end and not even have fun with it!!?!?!?!??! sincerily The Guy of knowloge and peace.
Biteme 12 yr ago x
Stupid giraffe doesn't even get free crap daily sometimes. I can't make her happy enough and my daughter gets so sad! Now that I updated she's never friggin happy. I play the patty cake and you get nothing for it! You should get something for all that crappy tapping.
Guest 12 yr ago x
It takes forever to get 100% and it says every 24 hours you get a special treat and sometimes it doesnt work
FAttyfattuy 12 yr ago x
Is it possible to download free abs for strawberries, after Gina has 10 babies?
FAttyfattuy 12 yr ago x
how to get gina the talking giraffe
guest 12 yr ago x
it never goes to 100 if u want a baby giraffe
Anonymous. 12 yr ago x
Gina used to be so cute, when I downloaded her I thought she was absolutely amazing. I did everything to keep her happy, then I began to get bored of her since I'd finished all the patty cake games, then I upgraded her and all her new games got annoying because she started kissing and it got confusing. She's one of the most annoying apps going. She makes stupid noises and she demands things. If she doesn't get what she wants she gets upset. The app is a cheapskating way to make people download her (because she's free) then pay for her to stay happy. It's unfair on the people who get disappointed in themselves since they can't give Gina what she wants. My daughter gets very upset when she can't keep Gina happy. In my opinion Gina the talking giraffe is a stupid game which cons people into giving it money!
Matthew 12 yr ago x
Gina's a twat.
Nailsntoes 12 yr ago x
What good are the babies? Just stupid pics?? They don't do anything Strange "game".
AnyaXD 12 yr ago x
Orders, orders, orders. It's lame, all you do is do what she says.
Gabi 12 yr ago x
Guys, if you don't like it, don't play.. just that simple!
Gilan 12 yr ago x
Argh I hate her in the end I just kept hitting for all I care
Cookie2001 12 yr ago x
What's the food app called
Cookie2001 12 yr ago x
Whats the app with the free strawberrys called?!!
Guest 12 yr ago x
I tried to buy some food for her and it wouldn't let me
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