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Talking Gina the Giraffe free strawberries cheats app instructions baby

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guest25 11 yr ago x
how do you get her more food?
Cookie2001 11 yr ago x
You have to buy it buy it
lollypopsicle 11 yr ago x
Omg that app's a con
Content 11 yr ago x
I believe its only possible to get 100% with app purchases. Should not be bought if you like poking outfit7s pets.
Oh, and:
@guy of [no] knowledge and peace: have you even played the game? It can't properly be played without app purchases. So this is actually a hoax for spending money, not people wanting to cheat.
AppMaster 11 yr ago x
Gina is stupid. But, to stop you complaining, you can buy and infinite supply FOREVER for just six bucks and forty three cence. And if you're upset about taking care of her, do what I did: just use it for pattycake then delete the app.
Kaitlyn 11 yr ago x
The talking Gina app is amazing I just kept playing games with her and feeding her carrots and I got to 84% but then she wouldnt accept anything else so I bought ten strawberries gone her 2 and then played the clapping games and got it up to 100% and then she had a baby, aww how cute :) x
Rocky 11 yr ago x
When we played the patty cake game she didn't even get happier :-( this is just a dumb game idc if I neglect her now I don't play it anymore
People me 11 yr ago x
All i want to know is how gina has a bb!!!!!
Jamie 11 yr ago x
Mathew Good one!!!! lol
Chrissy 11 yr ago x
my son keeps crying cuz he can't get the baby!!! he's @ 99.7% and it won't let him get a baby giraffe. he's beaten EVERY patty cake level ( amazing cuz he's only 5) and it doesnt do anything! i keep having to buy the food for that stupid animal and sometimes i don't even get all the food. to my sons despair, i deleted the app. DO NOT BUY THIS APP!!!it makes me mad!!!
Nanyko 11 yr ago x
It's very simple progress in the game and get the babies without spending money. Just be patient and let the strawberries and lemonade accumulate from one day to another, just playing and not giving gifts to Gina. Just play with it and do infinite items, such as water and carrots. After all, every day or you get free strawberry or lemonade. When you have both items, give her carrots and water to reach 85% satisfaction. Then take the lemonade and strawberry, it will reach 100%. And you did not spend money, just have waited a few more days.
Lpsrocks1000 11 yr ago x
if your trying to get her up to like 100% and your at like 96.? or higher just rub her belly its slow but it works if you just desperately want to get there
Jean Manuel  11 yr ago x
Quiero bajar fresa gratis para app talking gina
Super star 11 yr ago x
Hey I can't download the app and I'm on it every day so it's getting a bit annoying but im not giving up but can one of use give me ur password cause mine won't let me and I'm so angry cause I really want to play this game all my friends are playing it and I just don't have it I wanna see how u play it cause every time I got to there house there like oh I'm not aloud or it's out of battery so plz can u plz give me ur password oh and I'm new here so I don't k ow wat to do plz give me ur password plz plz plz :'( plz
Asma 11 yr ago x
If u want to get a baby then here's a cheat I use go to ur settings and just make the date one day ferther and then open u will get an ice cream or lemonade or strawberry
Asma 11 yr ago x
Annie 11 yr ago x
Talking Gina is so funny
the guy of peace and knolage  11 yr ago x
shut it the games fine it is u barbarians who r not sane listen to the touch the song "the touch" lol this face gives u nothing ziltch nada but BACON!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the guy of peace and glory 11 yr ago x
this face gives u BACON and......WAFFLES!AND................OBLIVION>>DUN DUN DUN....!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CheesecakeLover18 11 yr ago x
Gina the giraffe app is fun for me. I love the patty cake game and very time I play it gina gets happy. Also you get a bonus each day when you play on it it but you only get one if you play it everyday like me. I have gotten one baby giraffe and I got the app yesterday! People, stop complaining like little kids!
Big joe 11 yr ago x
Stawberrys heal 20 % life I wish it was 100 % :(
Pueblerino 11 yr ago x
Ni zorra de lo que habeis dicho
Sadder Than Gina 11 yr ago x
It is no longer possible to accumulate food for free, especially lemonade.
Shivangi 11 yr ago x
G i n a is cute but needs lots of money to keep her happy... any cheats for strawberries or ice-cream???
falala 11 yr ago x
I think people should respect wat gina brings you she brings you HAPPYNESS now SHUT UP
soa 11 yr ago x
THAT was good
Kat41311 11 yr ago x
ThiS game sucks!!!!! I dont wanna pay money, I ain't going to!! I've had this game for 6 months and I haven't gotten any free stuff !👎👊😡👿😠😲😱😖😝 U SUCK GINA, WHOEVER CREATED THIS IS A CRAPPING IDIOT!!!!!!
ftftftf 11 yr ago x
if you want more keep refreshing at the half of the load ;)
ftftftf  11 yr ago x
No cheats to use
kk 10 yr ago x
do u really get all of the pics if u finish all of the clapping games?
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