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High Noon iphone Wampum cheats game guns hack strategy weapons

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guest 8 yr ago x
Awesome game. But I'm sure they make money on the higher level players buying stuff with real money.

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guest 8 yr ago x
I find myself playing till all my energys gone and buy more! A must have for wannabe gunslingers
guest 8 yr ago x
High Noon is a great game. But I feel improvements like more guns and different game modes could be made. This game makes you feel like your a gunslinger for real.
guest 8 yr ago x
How can someone steal my gold if I'm not online playing?
trimbo 8 yr ago x
i love guns
TOMMY 8 yr ago x
0h-ddicted 8 yr ago x
this game is awesome!! pretty much hooked on for an entire week. I bought my 4-shot rancher's rifle and i'm broke.
Me?! 8 yr ago x
Great game, I wish they gave u more wampum every rank up though....
intotalawe 8 yr ago x
love the game im hooked,i see guys with rifles they have,and there not the level they need to is this????
momo 8 yr ago x
how to get free Wampum
Standard 8 yr ago x
How to get "UNLIMITED WAMPUM" for FREE ???
Brad 8 yr ago x
How do I get unlimited wampum
what 8 yr ago x
i want unlimited energy and wampum!!~!!!!!!!!
ChiCharito57 8 yr ago x
How do I get unlimited wampum?
Bailey 8 yr ago x
Where did u go to get all that money and Wampum
Ezio6245 8 yr ago x
How do you get unlimited wampum!!
High Noon Addict 8 yr ago x
This game is good. But could be better.

They changed the levels when guns can be purchased. This is all for the better... however the players that were able to purchase before the new criteria have a unfair advantage.

Another flaw in the game is not being able to see ones health when someone tosses a bag of Flour,salt, or whatever. Your health is yours. Not your opponents. If I were in a real gun fight (I never want to be EVER) but if I were... I'd know what my health was if some dumb ass tossed a bag of flour at me.

And Why not let me know what the guy I'm about to fight is bring to the fight??? I hate hanging on a rope. It pisses me off. I remember you when you bring a rope to the fight and never play that player again. They already let me know what gun your bringing. So why not let me know what else there bringing?? They can still change it like the gun after I see. So what would it hurt.

Any ways just my idea on things.

ChiCharito57 8 yr ago x
How do I get unlimited wampum?
Bailey 8 yr ago x
I need a cheat that can make you have unlimited energy.

scott__killA 8 yr ago x
unlock guns
Rob 8 yr ago x
How do i get unlimited wampum
Intotalawe 8 yr ago x
Why have clans? Why do I see Q8 or q8 in alot of names? Are these pople in a clan???
FireCracker 8 yr ago x
How to get unlimited wampum
Clown face 8 yr ago x
How to get unlimited wampum.
Cheese 8 yr ago x
Guys on the game my name is Liam8282 (not my real name) if you attack me add me to your friends list ;)>
Meah3l 8 yr ago x
Who are you ?
Nawaf 8 yr ago x
hi Intotalawe

Q8 means (kuwait state), I think the most players are from my country in this game. Also you will find alot of put kuwait flag in the cap.
berrys 8 yr ago x
How to get billions of wampum
Big jade  8 yr ago x
How do I get unlimited wampum
aazaa 8 yr ago x
i want free wampum
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