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DINO ZOO free doodle bucks/coins cheats (iphone/ipod touch game app)

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guest 13 yr ago x
This game needs more options for free money. I should not have to pay to get money in a FREE game!

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guest 13 yr ago x
Good for kids. My daughter really likes this game and would it be easier to get the money and not cost real money. Any cheats to get doodle bucks in dino zoo?
guest 13 yr ago x
Build your own zoo with dinosaurs! Lots of fun. I wish they would have more instructions though. I can't figure out where the breedable babies go.
matthew 13 yr ago x
how do we get doodle dollars
Djrevey 13 yr ago x
If u buy some dinos press home button move ur date ford by a day or two u collect quicker u don't have to wait hope u all enjoy it
Rob 13 yr ago x
Please don't do any thing to my iPod

Tannya 13 yr ago x
How do u get bucks or doodle coins without paying I want money
dj revey 13 yr ago x
u get money buy buying some dino then put the time on ur ipod iphone or ipad ford by like a hour or day or what ever and u get coins quicker
zoo expert 13 yr ago x
best thing 2 do get a dino called Archaeopteryx it gives u (by itself) 1650 doodle coins and try 2 breed 4 in the fastest possible time and the more u get the more money ive got three at the moment so i get 4950 coins every 2 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Joshica 12 yr ago x
I now have over 25 million coins and nothing to spend them on
Angel 12 yr ago x
I really need how to get doodle bucks, please no downloading and signing up for gamefly or whatever.
Unknown 12 yr ago x
I need more doodle bucks and fast !!!!!
awesome dude 11 yr ago x
dang I love this zoo game but there really should tell how to get doodle bucks without buying them without buying them
awesome dude 11 yr ago x
dang I love this zoo game but it really should tell how to get doodle bucks without buying them
YOLOnation 10 yr ago x
Just take a dump on your iPod/iPhone/iPad it'll get you a good 1B doodle bucks
Misty 10 yr ago x
What is the Dino zoo or whatever ppl keep talkin about and how the heck do I get it :/
Lofty 9 yr ago x
It says my sons nursery is full: he's 6 and I have no clue what to do...any one have a manual on this game
chris@1216 9 yr ago x
The nursery is a valcano with three tops go to this nursery and place one of the Dino eggs in a habitat. A cheat that you can do it after doing somothing like makeing treats or just not wanting to wait for coins you can go to your settings and move the time up by a day and wa lag manic money I hope this has helped if you have any questions you may text (432)-703-7426.
eman 9 yr ago x
hyyawuawjidw jdwdawd

eman 9 yr ago x
hyyawuawjidw jdwdawd

eman 9 yr ago x
hyyawuawjidw jdwdawd

nunez nunez 9 yr ago x
justin 9 yr ago x
cheats in dino zoo
JetDean 9 yr ago x
does anyone know if it is possible to sell dinos? i have like three of one breed and i only want to have one of each.
rainier 9 yr ago x
cash and gold
louie 9 yr ago x
jonelle 9 yr ago x
edi wow
alex abiso 8 yr ago x
king dino
khirs 8 yr ago x
The green gems or doodle bucks are generally earned. The way I get mine is through watching the daily log in bonus, some times its coins, food or a dinosaur or gems. Also the fighting in the league and colosseum can yield gems as well. If you look at the daily challenge it normally pays out coins food experience and sometimes gems. I notice that saving gems helps. Buy what you can with coins since that comes fast in accordance with the number and level of your dinosaurs. It's not so wise to spend gems on speeding things up unless you are hunting trophies. Lastly look in the goals screen, some times by completing a goal you might get gems too.

Hope this helps a little...
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