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Magic Piano app iphone free Smoola cheats hack smule

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guest 8 yr ago x
Whats up with the smoola money? Why would anyone buy smoola when you can't get past the song list to get any more. Please make songs free with good playing like hit all keys get a free song.

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guest 8 yr ago x
It's great except for the smoolas. It would be better to earn the smoolas rather than to buy them. There are some good songs in there and some are in sale. If the developers allow a way to earn the smoolas based on performances this will be a better app.
guest 8 yr ago x
I love playing the songs from the song book. Do they give you smoola over time? Because i don't want to have to pay for smoola. The starting smoola of 30 coins is cheap but useless. Two songs cost 25 and the rest at least 35. But overall it's a fun game.
GENUISS! 8 yr ago x
yeah i really love this game but i mean really, cant they at least make the songs free because it only gives 30 smoola to start with and more than half of the songs are at or over 35, all the best songs cost more then that!
Madz 8 yr ago x
How can you get free smoola on smule magic piano!?!?
Kat 8 yr ago x
Yeah I'm with you guys the songs are expensive and it's so stupid to have to buy them we got the app and we like it we did something for them so they should to something for us I mean c'mon really who is gonna buy smoola for real. Rich people. I'm not rich. The songs SHOULD be free.
What's the point? 8 yr ago x
Y would they charge for smoola? It's a good app but the smoola should be free!!!! Or at least let u EARN smoola if you play the entire song rite or a daily gift of smoola! Good app over all. Needs to improve on the smoola given though!
Angie 8 yr ago x
How do you get smoola without buying it?
onilink422 8 yr ago x
I agree, this is kind of dumb to make us have to buy songs.. Music should be a gift to the soul.
Feather23 8 yr ago x
Man buying smoola is wack I would rather earn it
Noah 8 yr ago x
I really wish you could atleast get 20 smoola each week cause it's is gay without smoola why do we have to buy songs you should get smoola if you get the song rite. :(
Noah 8 yr ago x
I reken we should get smoola every week cause there is like more than 1000 songs so we should unlock songs or get money in the game to buy songs with.:(
Yourmothet 8 yr ago x
Please,smoolas should Be free!!!!!
a-hole 8 yr ago x
You guys are stupid. Apparently none of you ever heard of copyright law, someone has to pay to be able to use the songs. If you want to blame someone, blame the record labels for making a business out of art.
Ash 8 yr ago x
I agree, copyright does make us have to pay for these songs. But the app would be much better if smula were earned.

If Smula were cheaper, it'd be much better. Also if some songs were put up for free for a certain period of time.

Sure, copyright makes us pay, but the free songs had writers too! It's not like the app made those songs themselves. As long as they a crediting the original writer and claiming none of the music is their own, it would be okay for them to make all songs free.
G36C 8 yr ago x
im with you guys. its bullshit we have to pay to get smoola instead of earn it.
But have you ever played igun pro? it has a point system where weapons cost 80 points and you get 20 points a day. thats what should be in magic piano.
Ed 8 yr ago x
I think its good there's the free song a day
They need to have a way to earn points though
Plus why are classical and traditional tunes paid, I can understand artist songs, but classical and traditional music doesn't have copyright protection by record labels, the songs in the game aren't even the proper songs, they are smule versions with the same tune but are very different to original songs
samoking  8 yr ago x
hey guys u can get smoolas 4 free.just search about"magic piano DLC"on cydia befor that u must install EDWANEO source on cydia.
ifrit  8 yr ago x
who please, I already installed everything, but I did not smoolas!
I have an error message!

Ed 8 yr ago x
I managed to get it to work
I solved it :D

On Cyrus add this source:

Then install magic piano DLC
The above message with the error will come up and the songs won't unlock
To solve this just turn off wifi before going on the app, then the app doesn't access the servers and the songs stay unlocked
And boom every song unlocked
If you go on the app by accident while in wifi, or you want to, just reinstall the magic piano DLC in curia and repeat

Enjoy :)
BennyB 8 yr ago x
Cmon guys they got to make money somehow. Nowadays you have to create ways to get paid its hard to earn it
samoking freeman 8 yr ago x
hey guys u can get smoolas as u wich i got 100000 smoolas.n i swear its really.just download "iap cracker" from cydia n enter in "magic piano app" than in "get more" n buy as u want n enjoy.
samoking freeman 8 yr ago x
don t 4get 2 turn on the wifi.n u will buy by a fake credits.
unknown 8 yr ago x
you can now get free smoola ! although it still sucks though,
step1 update you MAGIC PIANO
step2 after you updated it you will see at the top "get free smoola now " click that
step3 watch the vid they will display
step4 you will get 5 smoola completely free !
note : the # of vids you can watch to get free smoolas are limited per day.
Copperic 8 yr ago x
I don't most of you understand, the program is free, also you can make around 35 smoola per dar free. So why cry, you want everything handed to you free of charge? Yes royalties have to be paid. as for the free songs, they are paid for and the company just makes them free for one day. So making all song free would make no one any coin. so making the "game" free, inturns make the game available to everyone and they give you a handful of songs, and enough smoola to get one free song. So making it all few would make them charge money for the app, which would then not allow everyone to try the "game".
Kody 8 yr ago x
Whats up with buying Smoola i mean why waste your money on getting smoola when like after every song you get like 2 smoola
i like the thing now you can get 5 smoola when u watch a video but it says i can only watch some A DAY! BUT I WENT ON THE NEXT DAY THEN NEXT AND IT SAYS u have already watched todays videos PLZ SMULA HELP WITH MY SUGGESTION
Franky 8 yr ago x
I hate da way the good songs cost money and all the crap one's dat suk are free
Biiah 8 yr ago x
Help me guys... Where I need to add the source ?? I dont know what Cyrus means!
Ed 8 yr ago x
It's cydia
Sorry, autocorrect
Add it on cydia
And you don't get unlimited smoola, you just automatically have every song on the store
Biiah 8 yr ago x
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