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Magic Piano app iphone free Smoola cheats hack smule

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Vaddd 7 yr ago x
There's only magic zoo no magic piano at all in idwaneo...
Vade 7 yr ago x
Besides the magic piano dlc doesn't work I tried it and even offed wifi. Possibly patched.
Boribori 7 yr ago x
Hi in objetive is asking me to love 3 performance in the globe ...... How do I do that ???????
Sfd 6 yr ago x
It's not in idwaneos repo in cydia
Sabbyy 6 yr ago x
Use tapjoy it it gives u free smoola whn u install sum free app n run them :) easy as tht!!!!
Smule 6 yr ago x
People,Stop being lazy. You can easily earn ''Smule Points'' from watching advertisment videos. Once you've reached the limited of watching about 3-4 videos,Reboot your device and keep watching about 3 to 4 videos and earn "Smule Points"
K squared 6 yr ago x
U guys DO realize if u clixk on get free smoola and watch several videos, u earn smoola pretty fast:)
smoolaearner 6 yr ago x
its true that u can watch videos and complete offers but the problem is the new magic piano doesn't have as many videos to watch. btw i earn about 40 to 50 smoola a day by watching the videos. i have about 100 songs in my library
Joey 6 yr ago x
Don't you need to be a user of idwaneo to do that?
zhelovezmenotz 6 yr ago x
Make facebook account as many as u can and invite it to that game and accpt urself as a friend and ull get 100smooLA per accept use the log in log out button on the game.. =)
G 6 yr ago x
When I try to purchase Smoola I get this message.
"You Can't Purchase This: You must purchase the app that this item is for before you can purchase the item."
Does anyone have any idea as to what this means?
Tekkers 6 yr ago x
Ok What is this free cydia/cyrus thing is it a website, because i want to get free songs! What is cydia ?????????????? and how do i get the songs... I need directions on how to do it?
Ellieeeeee 6 yr ago x
Guys am I being stupid? What is cydia?
Snoops 6 yr ago x
Ok to get free smoola u just have to watch these stupid 15 second videos! 1 video=5 smoola
pamela 6 yr ago x
Were do i go to watch a video?plz someone answer:D
Anonymous 6 yr ago x
Well there's another way to do it: go to then create an account (don't worry it's free) then you'll see there "Earn smoola) then click it and you will see a lot of free smoolas that you can have.
Tssss 6 yr ago x
Cydia is only for those iPhone's, iPods and iPads that are jailbreaked. I think....
Aboode 6 yr ago x
Please Help Me
Aphi 6 yr ago x
How to preview a song I do not own in the store? Do I have to buy a song?
Loaded912 6 yr ago x
And what is cydia I've searched the app store I can't find it
GELO 6 yr ago x
Yup can get free smoola by going to make an account the website is trustworrthy download the other apps to get smoola and there u go
alucard1809 6 yr ago x
How to unlock all songs in magic piano :
Download cracked 3.0.4:
Pinoytalagaako=)) 6 yr ago x
Yeah...I mean smoolas should be FREE.They make us buy smoolas so they can earn MONEY.Who would buy smoolas for just songs.I mean songs should be FREE.I like playing music.ESPECIALLY MY FAVORITE SONGS BUT THIS STUPUD SMOOLA THING.
Gggg 6 yr ago x
This game is fun but the songs need to be free
Agonification 6 yr ago x
i have the iap cracker on cydia and it works great with tom talking cat... but it isn't working at magic piano and i don't know why :/
SmoolaHater 6 yr ago x
Ihate smoola every time I play I get 100 smoola then when I exit and come back I have 0000000000000 EVERY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anna 6 yr ago x
I signed up for Netflix and watch videos every few days and I have plenty of smula.. But seriously you get a free song almost everyday and when you level up they add songs to your list. Sure they aren't the mainstream songs but they are usually pretty and just as fun to play. I personally don't like getting songs even tho I have smula because they don't sound that good. The piano songs are usually prettier play.. I love this game Im on the last level.
Anna 6 yr ago x
Also I have a question if anyone knows... I get an "Amazing! Perfect score" on a song right... But then I look at the leaderboard and there are people with way more points. How is that possible to get more then a perfect score? I play the song over and over and always get the same score. I don't understand.

For example twinkle twinkle little star the perfect score I received was 825 I've played it many times and always get 825 without any errors or too fast too slow etc. yet I look at the leaderboard and someone has the highest score of 7,554. Wtf!? How is that possible I just am baffled lol someone please explain if u know thanks
john 6 yr ago x
I used the cydia hack and got free smoolas a few days ago and some other stuff on other apps, but itunes support just contacted me saying my account is frozen and under investigation.

Anyone else get an email like this? I'm locked out of all my TV show season passes!
piano man 6 yr ago x
Why not just learn how to play piano?
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