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Magic Piano app iphone free Smoola cheats hack smule

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Ed 6 yr ago x
To anna, they're playing on a harder difficulty, that's the only reaon I can think of, I know that all difficulties are on the one leaderboard, so that's most likely why
Ladyalaska 6 yr ago x
How do I get past level 13? I have tried but I don't know what it means by hard song well I know what it means but witch song is hard?
Ads 6 yr ago x
I dont find magic piano dlc in cydia .. I added the sorces
Cheska 6 yr ago x
smoola cheat Help!
Tytymyty10 6 yr ago x
@Kody restart your system and it will reset the videos. Do it over and over to get lots of smoola.
Tytymyty10 6 yr ago x
@Ladyalaska, I think it means To go on hard difficulty and play a song.
matheus 6 yr ago x
I hate da way the good songs cost money and all the crap one's dat suk are free
Killianchills 6 yr ago x
How do you play worldwide on magic piano
Xenia 6 yr ago x
I want all songs
iqbal 6 yr ago x
magic piano
Guest 6 yr ago x
Smoola ha is it a joke you should get free Smoola I mean really the only way to ern free Smoola is to watch stupid ads how lame is there any way other you can get free Smoola well good luck
sarie 6 yr ago x
I would like it ir they would let u have at least 5 smoolas per star u get and if u want more u could buy it
Didi28 6 yr ago x
So I am completely in love with this appbut agree with most that you should definitely be able to earn smoola instead of having to buy it. Been reading suggestions but not sure about some things

1. I tried to get free smoola at by installing the games; however those games themselves aren't free, so I'd be paying for apps I won't use just for the smoola, which I have to do anyway in magic piano to get the smoola.

2. What is Cyria? Is it an app, website, or something else? I juat recently got an iPhone 4s and have no idea what this is. I definitely want to get the free smoola so I don't have to keep playing the same songs over and over!

If someone could let me know about Cyria and what I need to do to get the smoola I would GREATLY appreciate it!
didi28 6 yr ago x
@ alucard1809 12 wk ago How to unlock all songs in magic piano :
Download cracked 3.0.4:

When I went to this website to see if I could get free songs this way the webpage is in another language, not even sure what language! So if you or anyone else knows what to click on when you get to that website to get the free songs, I'd greatly appreciate your help!

Unfortunately I now know I can't use Cydia since my phone isn't jailbroken, so I'm looking for any and all ways to get more songs as I've already paid quite a bit for some songs but would like to get more free ones as well!
Bbgirl456 6 yr ago x
If you make a tap joy account there are many free apps to download that give you 100's of smoolas. Just download the apps they list open them up go back to tap joy reload the page and all your smoola should be there!
luci 6 yr ago x
@didi28: it's Vietnamese and thank goodness i'm vietnamese :D

i'm testing and tell u if it works or not :D
luci 6 yr ago x
haha, it really works, i'll get lots of smoola

here's the instruction:
step 1: download the ipa file at
step 2: install that ipa into your iphone by ifunbox or whatever
step 3: run Magic Piano and watch a video to get 5 free smoolas
step 4: exit MP, i mean, close it, not just press Home button
step 5: go to MP and see the amount of smoolas u have

any1 who wanna make friends, my email is rai[dot]style[at]yahoo[dot]com
Mogstar 6 yr ago x
I suggest that depending on the score u get u shud get an amount of smoola so say if u got say 2093 then u shud get let's say 10 or u shud get 1 for 1 star, 5 for 2 stars and 10 for 3 stars
HACKER 6 yr ago x
got the magic piano DLC but it doenst wok in my ipad ,so if it work for someone pls
contact me,

1-download the source :

2-instal mgaic piano DLC

3-go to magic piano app
(and u'll find all the songs are free as i think)
Guest 6 yr ago x
Guys you don't have to watch videos! Just click add smoola option and click more ways to earn!!!!!!!
PikachuBeatBox 6 yr ago x
On the song page, look at the place where it displays your smoola number. There should be a little plus sign. Click that and it has ways to earn smoola! You should be able to watch videos for free apps every day which earn 5 free smoola each video! That is the easiest way without cheating!
The king 6 yr ago x
Songs cost way to MUCH you should get to pick a free song after you complete your achievements and if you get a perfect score it's really hard to earn smoola and why waste REAL money on fake money??? But it's a really fun game!!!
Bmazzola7 6 yr ago x
I totally agree with y'all!!!!!!! Give us free smoola when we come in daily! At least I got to watch videos for 5 smoola each......ONCE!!!!!!
Esraa 6 yr ago x
I didn't understand anything what is the cheat ? And how do we gets smoola
Tigerillie 6 yr ago x
Why does everyone say the app is in cydia? I've looked in cydia, installous, halulus and idwaneo and no where does the app Magic Piano DLC come up. What am I missing?
Guest 6 yr ago x
I soooo agree to like all of u im mean like thats so true We should earn at least 30 smoola playing a song And then we can get more songs from the smoola we earned I mean like i love the app but it would hav been more fun if we earn at least 30 smoola for each song we play and then getting a new awesome song from the smoola we earned
Guest 6 yr ago x
You guys got 30 smoola I only got 10!!!
boss 6 yr ago x
each time ulevel up u get 5 free smula
boss 6 yr ago x
hey tigerillie
ever heard of apple appstore???
if u didnt u r so late
G C P 6 yr ago x
Sign up for an account at Check the section for Magic Piano. They will show different apps and list the amount of Smoula you can earn. Download the app (Most are free), run the app, and you will be rewarded. You can delete the app afterwards.
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