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Zoo Story iphone free gems energy cheats/ipod touch game

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guest 12 yr ago x
You are forced to buy gems so that you can buy the more popular animals like tigers and lions. The dragon and panda are overpriced! If there are any cheats for free gems post them here!

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guest 12 yr ago x
No you do NOT have to purchase gems to play this game adequately. You can not only EARN gems within the game, but you will occasionally be offered gems for downloading other free apps as well. I have never purchased a single thing on any of the story games and I have plenty of gems and coins.
guest 12 yr ago x
Give us more gems! I love the game, but to get a large amount of the animals you need gems and the only way to get them is by paying actual money. Give us some gems every time we level up.
lauren 12 yr ago x
How do I get more energy in the Zoo Story app? And why does the game have an energy bar anyway? It's ridiculous it takes 1 energy star for each carrot you harvest.
Our zoo 12 yr ago x
Lauren, the star is for experience. Once the stars add up you will level. Maybe you meant to say the lightening bolt. There are some really easy ways to get more energy. One, is to become neighbors with people by requesting them as a friend. Every neighbor you visit, you gain two energies. I believe it's once a day. You can also request 2 or 3 energy packs from those neighbors. The energy packs will go into storage which you can find once you click on the design icon on your home page. Hope that helps. :)
Idk 12 yr ago x
How do u get gems for free
Zobay 12 yr ago x
does anyone know cheats for getting gems for free. cuz they want me to buy the dragon but he's 50 gems. And I have none. Please help me
Sil 12 yr ago x
How do you earn gems? Im in level25 and have never seen a gem!!!
tay 12 yr ago x
how can you get like a realy big zoo without paying -cheat
lauren 12 yr ago x
I found out there is also a 10000 food limit, we already have an energy bar limit of 30.

@Our zoo yes thank you for the tips!! Especially about visiting the neighbors. I meant the energy lightening bolts indeed.
lisa 12 yr ago x
I get the "out of sync" message too often, makes you lose your energy and the food you harvested. Please fix this!!
Audrey 12 yr ago x
Is there a cheat to get more money or gems or energy?? What ismit?? Please help
patrick 12 yr ago x
so level 96 is the max level? are they ever going to update this game??
shyam 12 yr ago x
How do you get free gems
abbey 12 yr ago x
I know you can cross breed animals but what will they make?
Stars01 12 yr ago x
How do you get gems?!
Starz01 12 yr ago x
Actually I do think it's worth it for 24 gems. What were they thinking about an ENERGY bar?! Get zoo story 2. Its much better and you get a Lunar Dragon from a lousy GOAL thingy!! By the way my ID is sweetie5544 on zoo story 2 and the original. Gems for money are for the company making money!!
christal 12 yr ago x
please help me get free gems
no name 11 yr ago x
anyones ID??
mikemjr 11 yr ago x
Love the game but 4 real 95 gems for a panda thats like 20 bucks in hard earnd more in this economy20 bucks is huge no less for a fake animal to put on a thanks..other wise love the ways to earn a gem or two maybe when we level plz
Lindzzzz 11 yr ago x
So no one knows a cheat for gems?? My Storm ID is LindzSwimz, and btw the lunar dragon is so worth it
His 11 yr ago x
Yeah I once got offered gems for downloading an app soo yeah hope I helped btw my Id is razarocks
chid 11 yr ago x
which free apps should be downloaded?? to get gems??
thabrez 11 yr ago x
working hack for tap fish 2 on ipad 2

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mimija 11 yr ago x
add me.DemiQaisara
lilly 11 yr ago x
add me cutezoo777
Malene  11 yr ago x
Hvordan får man flere diamanter (gems) i zoo story? Skal man absolut betale for den? Kan man ikke få dem på anden vis?
banubakes 11 yr ago x
my zoo's name is banubreeds. and ID is banubakes. add me.
daniel 11 yr ago x
Add me baby_daniel
Amanda 11 yr ago x
My id is Thompson31. I need neighbors. Plz feel free to add me.
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