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Talking Ben the Dog iPhone free test tubes cheats/ipad app

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guest 12 yr ago x
I loved this app, but what I don't like is when I went to the lab you have to pay a buck to get more viles when you use them all up. Any cheats/hacks for the refills for the test tubes?

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guest 12 yr ago x
Boring. I became bored after 3 minutes. Refills for test tubes cost money.
guest 12 yr ago x
Yes but it does tell you how much test tubes and strawberries cost and if you buy it doesn't get boring in three minutes!!
Joost 12 yr ago x
Evry time you get new test tubes (every 24 hours) don't use them!!!!!!!!! Afther some weaks you have a lot of testtubes
ModelGirl 11 yr ago x
Okay so here's what you do.
When you want more test tubes instead of coming back each and every day. Go to the app then go to your settings. When you are in the settings go to the date and change it to be the next day(same time). Then go back to the app and you will receive new tubes. Do that for about a couple of months and your all set. But when you change the date back to normal you won't receive anymore tubes until the date you stopped changing the date. Does that help?
Fabulousfashionista 11 yr ago x
If you wanna get some test tubes you download some games that you really like. then when you play that game everytime you forgot about talking ben. then onee day you will be bored with all of your apps then you play talking ben. you will get lots of test tubes and you don't have to pay it . Hope thi is helpfull to you guys.
Jesy 10 yr ago x
if you want to get some free tubes, wait about a day without playing, you will see that you get some free tubes . keep doing that for a couple of weeks, or months and you will have a lot of tubes.
hopefully this helped 😉😄

Dj 9 yr ago x
I hate it
Man 8 yr ago x
I need a cheat/hack or something like that please
A daddy 6 yr ago x
If you want free vials try the watch ad button above the total vials you have button. Been playing ads for about a total of 2 hrs and have 112 vials for my daughter to play with. 100 normally costs just less than £2
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