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MetalStorm Online iPhone free coins credits cheats (ipod touch game app)

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guest 13 yr ago x
This game is really awesome. You fly around in a jet shooting guns and missiles at other jets, goal is to win and upgrade your ship. Multiplayer support so you can play with friends! And best of all it's free (at this moment).

tags: metalstorm online for iphone, ipod touch, free coins, cheats
guest 13 yr ago x
I hate how coins are so expensive and you can only restock weapons you bought with coins with coins again instead of credits. Other than that, great game!!! You can play it with friends in multiplayer mode.
guest 13 yr ago x
They need to add more planes to buy with credits not coins. Any cheats for this?
Blamedj 13 yr ago x
do you think you can use ifile to get more credits?
Blamedj 13 yr ago x

-Install The v3.0.0 of Metal Storm If it still free in the app store download it from there or use a cracked version of 3.0.0 (Not Need of 2.0.1 Anymore or edited plist)
-Run MetalStorm 3.0.0 on your device and wait it to download the data (you must need to be logged in Gamecenter)
-After that go to cydia and install MetalStorm Online 3.0.0 DLC and voila
-Launch the game again and all will be free in v3.0.0
wilt$ 13 yr ago x
it works! You can get the best stuff
(kkk)(kkk)(kkk) 13 yr ago x
can't seem to get this to work.. anyone have DETAILED instructions?
NwordJoe 13 yr ago x
@Blamedj and wilt$ do you do that and does your ipod need to be jailbroken or is this a doable hack, thanks also can you break down the instruction if its not just for jailbroken ipods/iphones/ipads
oleg 13 yr ago x
thank you works great
barker 13 yr ago x
so i have no idea how to do any of this any way u walk me tho this
NwordJoe 13 yr ago x
YES!! i figured it out took me a while, k first off your ipod or i device needs to be jailbroken, try this video all links in description but it depends on what firmware you have like mine was 4.3.1.. then once you got that go into cydia(its an app you get when you jailbreak) and go to the "manage" option at the bottom then press "sources" then top left edit button add and the url
-Install The v3.0.0 of Metal Storm If it still free in the app store download it from there or use a cracked version of 3.0.0 (Not Need of 2.0.1 Anymore or edited plist)
-Run MetalStorm 3.0.0 on your device and wait it to download the data (you must need to be logged in Gamecenter) After that go to cydia and use search option for MetalStorm Online 3.0.0 DLC install it and open metalstorm and voila!!!!
Hmm 13 yr ago x
Will this get you banned?
Mattrouss  13 yr ago x
It worked perfectly it was great at the beggining but you can't play online and I got a little bored. Can you take it off ?
FTW 5150 13 yr ago x
How do i get free contract credits for contract killer?
Kill 13 yr ago x
What the crap is cydia
KillerRaptor 13 yr ago x
How in the world do i get free coins?
Hacks 13 yr ago x
Can u show me how to get cydia on iphone 4.3.2 without jailbreaking? Can someone help? I need it to hack metalstorm
ariida 13 yr ago x
anyone know how to get money in metal storm without jailbreaking your ipod
PCman13 13 yr ago x
You can't get cydia without jailbreaking. an iPhone only runs apps signed by apple. Cydia is not signed by apple. To run cydia, you have to remove apple's restrictions. Jailbreaking removes these restrictions.
teece 13 yr ago x
will this get u banned??
Tej Sodha 13 yr ago x
Damn! they just released 3.1.0 today and the hack is invalid!
johny 13 yr ago x
yeah damn i just want to reset the game and today i found your solution am very unluky,i will wait for a update of the DLC
Hushhush 13 yr ago x
How soon new hack?
Predator1496679 13 yr ago x
Man this sucks now I have a iPad and don't want to mess it up by jail break in wat do I do?
Veera 13 yr ago x
Game center let's you get credits in iPhone which is jail broken and same credits apply on iPad. Game center rocks!
MetalPro 13 yr ago x
Yep,got the same problem.. How soon will the DLC-update be online?
Predator1496679 13 yr ago x
So it won't harm anything like bugs added or that kind of thing because I know a guy that can jail break anything
Ubjibtdxrc 13 yr ago x
How do u get free coins without making it so complicated
METAL-guy 13 yr ago x
IDK but i tried to do it and it didnt work!
When will it be updated I really want the eagle right now because my friend already has it!
Predator 1496679 13 yr ago x
I got the eagle x on the first day it came out wat u do is get a play co op then die in the first round and spectate and you still get all the money for wat the partner did
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