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MetalStorm Online iPhone free coins credits cheats (ipod touch game app)

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Kii 10 yr ago x
This is mine. MTU4NjE4
Plz add
admins 10 yr ago x
@Kanasai, please do not post the same method over and over again. It has already been mentioned here several times.
METAL STOM DAMM 10 yr ago x
I am playing against the AI on iPad2.. is there any hack to get the Credit and Coins? After so many tries, I can reach maximum up to wave 12!!! its too hard afterwards.. and no checkpoint to continue from the same level.. grrrrr!!!!!!
^~^ 10 yr ago x
MTU5MzY4 add this ^^
Takri 10 yr ago x
All who want's 600 points, add THIS ID MTU5NzYw or else you will get only 25 point's!:)

Good luck!:D
Spud 10 yr ago x
Will I get banned if I use the mod for metalstorm on survival????
Spud 10 yr ago x
And please add me: MTU4OTU1 thank you :D
Abdo 10 yr ago x
Add this: MTExNjA0
The BEST!!!
papillonII 10 yr ago x
add mine for 500 MTY0MDU0
Kingj 10 yr ago x
This Cheat support online vesus and survival mode but remember not to on invinsible mode to prevent band by the game.
Go to cydia, add this source: type and then search for the metal storm online mod in the list. It will install an app on the iphone, and then respring the device. Hit on the original game icon and a message will pop up. close the app and then hit the metal storm mod icon (the new one). On the new app hit on the profile tab and hit on the "say thanks to inviter" and type this code MTY3Mjkw. U'll gain 25mod point by doing this.
p.s all those mention u'll get more than 25mod point is lying
Ian 10 yr ago x
Yes, do use the invincible mode, otherwise you will get band. Also what's the point to playing this game if you will ever get killed. that will be no fun at all, right?
big fan 10 yr ago x
MTc2Mzk1 add this code and you will get more and mod points ...Enjoy fellas
Optimus crime69 10 yr ago x
Add this code for unlimited points MTAxNjIw
Taken 10 yr ago x
New code MTc3ODk5
isiiiiiii 10 yr ago x
The F***ers here are lying. You even got 25 Points by nearly all of them. Only Oldprofiles whichs logner using imodgame gives you 50-100 mods

add this one for 50 MTg1MTM5
:) 10 yr ago x
iWinterHd 10 yr ago x
You need to have a specific versiin, older versions are easy to obtain
LOL 10 yr ago x
burnout 10 yr ago x
MTAwMjAy cod please thanks
Amore 10 yr ago x
Timster 10 yr ago x
MTkxMjEz 50 points
monaco 10 yr ago x
guys i used metalstorm mod and currently i have 900 points , enjoyed using some of the cheats like the speed, lock,missile tracking, were ON, the rest like invisibly, rang, damage were off but after a month of fun i get this message each time i try to play the game, "you are already connected, if you were just playing then try again in 1 min" i tried many times, log out and login all the same, and when i try other apple id on the game center it works but this one doesn't work, do you think they banded me ? i think so , so i just want to give you a heads up. cheers
Nkl 10 yr ago x
Here is mine MTk4ODM5
Phill 10 yr ago x
Mine is MjAxMDg2
usarmymiltary 10 yr ago x
If someone plays co op with me and dies in the first round I just crash so they won't get the credit for all my work
Nick 10 yr ago x
Mine is MjAyNjk0
Nvl3579 10 yr ago x
Sultry Suzy 10 yr ago x
MjAzMjQ4. ;D
The Eye In The Sky 10 yr ago x
This code unlocks the mods and gives u 10 000+ mod points. The code is MjA4MDYw.

Pop3 10 yr ago x
MTY2NDM5 will give you
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