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MetalStorm Online iPhone free coins credits cheats (ipod touch game app)

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Ambienized 10 yr ago x
Hey, if you put in this code at MjAzMDEx "thank the inviter" I'll put in your mod codes just email me the code you would like for me to use and ill put it in for you. my email is CODE IS CASE SENSATIVE. thanks and ill add your code as quick as i can! :D

Also feel free to add me my gamecenter ID is Ambienized. I'm up for games anytime really, im like lvl 26 i think. thanks guys
KRX 10 yr ago x
This question was already here but.. Does last uprigade in AGI class cost blue coins?
Chuttan 10 yr ago x
MjE3NjA4 I got this code two days before
By adding it unlocks f-15 hawken and also gives 400 mod points..
minty 10 yr ago x
hi im new to the game where should i put the code in please
jingo 10 yr ago x
that will get u 1000 blues coins, hurry!!!
Grunch 10 yr ago x
The oldest inventor code is MjI0NjY1, this will give 1,000 mod points. Cheers and enjoy!
amp 10 yr ago x
MjI0OTQ3 plz
Loligbob 10 yr ago x
Pls add this: MTcxNTk0
Fart monkey 10 yr ago x
How to hack it? What should I do? That game is really cool and I want it!
fez 10 yr ago x
hey guys!!!!!
for metalstorm wingman 4.0.0 dosen't work!!!!!!!!!whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?
Ranran 10 yr ago x
Any cheats hacks anything for metalstorm wingman or gunbros anything I'm poor and cant afford to buy stuff!!!
Deceptercon 10 yr ago x
Any updates on metal storm cheats? I've tried all the above and it doesn't work
Deceptercon 10 yr ago x
They updated metal storm v4.0.1 and the new mod is not free, you have to purchase mod credits. Does anyone know of any other new free hacks? Mods? Please.
Fhhj 10 yr ago x
Where do you enter the cheat
Pete 10 yr ago x
I like this game
I want hacks 10 yr ago x
Please tell me a hack for the newest version of metalstorm wingman
ASDFGHJKLPOIUYTREWQ1234567890 10 yr ago x
How do I restart metal storm because I don't like where I am in the game. I just want to restart the game.?????
Bon to kill 10 yr ago x
Qolshy 10 yr ago x
You want free blue coins?
Do what. I did, go and subscribe on tapjoy. Com then after that choose to install free app on your device with each app installed you get free coins :) after you get coins then delete them ;)
PENDZ 10 yr ago x
i will go directly to the site using the browser?
John 10 yr ago x
Hi I've been trying to get free coins with cydia but it always asks. The instruction in you tube said you have to go to your peril and thank the inviter however when I go to my perfil I cannot see anything , what can I do otherwise you have to spent 10 bucks to buy credit on cydia which is even kore expensive than buy coins in app
Brian 10 yr ago x
How can I get free coins?
Benj Co62 10 yr ago x
I got some message's via the game metal storm.I thought you could only send a friend request,how can i comment back to others who have sent me some good ones and not so good ones.I don't know how to even say hello.or i just don't know how to use my game center.
NoMercy 10 yr ago x
all of u r fools just play the game the way its .....loooossssers !!!
degas 10 yr ago x
Hector and Jingo,
How insert this code?
I'm not jailbrake on my Ipad!!!
It's possible?
Yoel Trua 10 yr ago x
Where can I get blue coins?
GAMECENTER . ILY-Stay-Emo 10 yr ago x
It didnt work for me but this did. A very nice game, nice graphics, nice gameplay and it makes a lot of fun but wouldnt be there one thing like THE COINSSYSTEM!!!

I dont have the time to play it for months. No No NOOO!

So i hacked it :D :D

The hack is a lil tricky but im sure you can do it :)

Open IFILE and go to


open there "", mark gamesettings.xml and ContentIndex.html
Extract it.

(how to put it back?!->dunno know how its called in the english IFILE but its in the right upper corner, push it, mark the .xmls, push the Zip icon right next to the +, give it the name Patch)

So thats where the fun beginns.


Open gamesettings.xml

Search for

ther you will find.

Change the credits="5" to your money wish.
I used to have "999999"

little trick how to get easy coins.

it says coins="1" at the end.
so what could we change here?
example: coins="99"

Save it, and put it back in the


Its a little more work here.

Open. Contentindex.xml

Well now you need to know what you want.
Upgrades, weapons, airplanes or icons.

Go just to the part you want.
for example:

Look up for the famous credits="5" or coins="5"
change the value in it to "0".

Dont change , and if youve done sth wrong the game crashes usually.
SAVE, put it back into

If the game crashes.

Launch the game and it will be loaded again.
Mod your stats more carefully and there you have your stuff for free.

Go to "Applications/MetalStorm/Documents/"  and open PatchVersion.txt .

There you find a value of 1 , just change it to 0

Open MetalStorm.
Oh look you have everything you wanted for free :D:D:D

->important dont play to much around with the credits or coins!!!
->You could possibly be banned from the server!!!
Aha 10 yr ago x
I dont wanna use cydia i f%#$#d up my last ipod with that isnt there anny other way?????????
Aha 10 yr ago x
And the thing on top didnt work
chiidzzz 10 yr ago x
when i try to open Applications/MetalStorm/Documents/PatchDownloads
there is no patchdownloads
Any idea?
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