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MetalStorm Online iPhone free coins credits cheats (ipod touch game app)

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v 10 yr ago x
Any way to get free coins in new version?
§UPΞЯ§ΛIYINЌΔЯ  10 yr ago x
Ok guys not really a cheat but I found a way 2 get free blue coins and it will only take about 10 mins to have over 100 blue coins ok go 2 register then it will say get blue coins click that and then itt will show a bunch of game u can install then run play do that then play the game 4 about 30 sec and it will say ur blue coins have arrived only click the install and run 1 s cause. Others cost money
Chelito 10 yr ago x
Is perfecto this
What is Ifile? 10 yr ago x
Where do I get Ifile and try the above code? Any body tried it does it work? I don't wanna cheat in the game but all the tap joy apps together don't equal to the coins this game demands like u just can't survive mission without respawn and like a plane cost frigging 54000 green coins!! I mean after so long I get to level 11 and all I have are 3000 coins:/!!
Nothing 10 yr ago x
Not aloud to jail break please help
Me 10 yr ago x
Dont jailbreak
Hdhhdifjfjf 10 yr ago x
V3 is no longer Out and I work for insanli so download the firmware off cydia called iap pro it has all the games in the app store database must have IPhone iOS or iPod 5.0.1 everything in the app will be free enjoy
mswc 10 yr ago x
i cant find iap pro
mswc 10 yr ago x
i have 5.0.1 ipod and jailbroken looked on cydia and cant find it can you direct me where to find it plz
Hdjd 10 yr ago x
I turds metal storm is now 4.1.0 and that means dlc needs alot more then one update
Comnerd 10 yr ago x
Verra I don't know what you mean by using game center but sounds good could you post a YouTube video on that
Dylan x 10 yr ago x
Were do u type in the code
Hell king 64 10 yr ago x
This so cool I think every body like this game.

Jwfunkybass  10 yr ago x
Why can't I see the opponent while playing in versus mode??i follow red arrow, but I never see where the enemy fire is coming from.unless he puts
Himself directly in front of me which is not
Losing a lot in that mode and I'm a great I over looking something??
Jwfunkybass  10 yr ago x
To all you other great players in
Metal storm.please explain why
I can't see my opponent the way he can see me while in dogfight??im losing a lot because I can't see where enemy fire is coming from.
Strafoly 10 yr ago x
Me either, I can not see my opponent in vs. mode !!
He/she keep hitting me .
I sm in level 23 but I can not over it because of that.
Are they cheating ?!!!
Sean 9 yr ago x
Who is my father ?
Dope 9 yr ago x
I want lots of coins can someone help
Dope 9 yr ago x
Can someone get me lots 1000 coins? That would be great
Thisguy 9 yr ago x
Where do you put in the codes?
Jwfunkybass 9 yr ago x
Why can't I see the enemy while playing versus mode on iPhone?? Metal storm: wingman.
Jwfunkybass62 9 yr ago x
Why can't I see my opponent
While Playing in versus mode
Unless he puts himself in front of me??? Still waiting for
Answer... Plz help.
moha 9 yr ago x
where i can find MetalStorm: Wingman 3.0.0 ? i cant find it guys. please help. thx
preston 9 yr ago x
how can I get 200 blue coins ??
Wesley 9 yr ago x
What if u have the higher version
Arun 9 yr ago x
NTkyMTU2 use this and get 1000 mod points
Gg 9 yr ago x
Jackson 9 yr ago x
How can i get 200 blue coins?
Hans  9 yr ago x
creeper7111 9 yr ago x
does jailbreak hack your ipod and mess it up?
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