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Pocket Home free Pocket Coins cheats for iphone/ipod touch game app

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guest 12 yr ago x
Cool game! I bought a townhouse and purchased cool furniture for my bedroom and bathroom (I bought a showerbooth instead of a bathtub). Please add more items!

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guest 12 yr ago x
You have a lot of money/coins to start with, but it runs out fast!! After that you either have to download paid apps or buy more money/coins.
guest 12 yr ago x
Not too bad. I think already spend enough money on my kitchen and I need another dog :) Any cheats on how to get free pocket coins??
COIN CHEAT!!! 11 yr ago x
When it says get this app or wateva click on it. It takes you to the app store, however you do not have to get the app!!! Go back to the game and you have you 5000 coins!!!
sdc 11 yr ago x
The game got updated and i dont see the "get this app" thingys... i need coins!:(
Millionaire 11 yr ago x
I got all houses and I am a millionaire in pocket home thanks to the worlds cheaters!!!
Dogzrulez 11 yr ago x
How do you sell your house in pocket home? How do you get money with out buying it?
Dogzrulz 11 yr ago x
Millionaire: how do you get all thoes coins? What website?
skilly 11 yr ago x
I need more money and mom and dad won't let me buy any! HELP
alex 11 yr ago x
when u get coins i think that you should also get paws i am going to delete that game because i can never or dont know how do get paws!!! Worst game ever!
lilly 11 yr ago x
Please help me figure i way to get paws please HELP!!!
Ally-Bear 11 yr ago x
How do you get more money!? Dx
Wombat  10 yr ago x
How do you get mony I know you can sale thing but is there a other way???
Scottie to hotte 10 yr ago x
I need coins for VIP
Scottie to hotte 10 yr ago x
Can one of you gave me coins
Scottie to hotte 10 yr ago x
Coins p
Scottie to hotte 10 yr ago x
I need coins please
Bassetgirl411 10 yr ago x
Just get a lot of apartments and sell the stuff that comes with it I have over thousands of coins

It takes awhile though

Bre 10 yr ago x
Yeah just buy a lot of apartments and sell everything in them itl get you lots of cash
Leo 10 yr ago x
How do u delete a home?? I would like to start over hit I can't seem to figure out how... NEED HELP
Kellbell32 8 yr ago x
How do u complete the house guest quest, I can't get it to complete
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