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Tap Ranch how to get free Ranch bucks cheats cafe iphone

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Beth1975 11 yr ago x
Ripped off

I keep getting my crops stolen, and earned bucks too_:(
dianabeth1975 11 yr ago x
Why cant I get the earned bucks, and why are my crops disappearing? This is expensive and very frustrating. I've been using fertilizer to make the quest. But no credit for the crops.and , or, they simply disappear.
cierrarox 11 yr ago x
Does anybody know how to get a flower garden back? I bought one with coins and I accidentally deleted it. Now I need it again and its nowhere. Not even under buildings in store. Can someone help plz!
Kimmy 11 yr ago x
Iam doing the quest for the mint milk how do u find the cow or do the quest
Bob 11 yr ago x
My game says critical error defected and won't load my game I'm at level 67. I'm upset if I loose it now. It took forever to get here
Lies 11 yr ago x
This is labeled wrong there are no cheats misleading please delete/change title.
elliemay 11 yr ago x
Ugh! Tap Ranch keeps forcing close, won't let me open.
HELP, Please
Mesadabree  11 yr ago x
How many levels are there on tap ranch 2? I'm on level 80 and have stayed on that level for over 500,000 xp!
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