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ZENONIA 3 Free Zen hack cheats tips cracked (ipod touch/iphone game app)

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guest 13 yr ago x
Paying for zen... that is lame. I used up most of my zen in the first half for the Origin of life, and beating bosses are really hard without them.

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guest 13 yr ago x
The zen system for origin of life is stupid. Also, the bosses are overpowered. I don't want to pay a dollar for 10 recoveries, you need about 50 for a boss!! Please make origins buyable through coins.
guest 13 yr ago x
The Zen shop is disappointing. The zen tokens in the game costs money and some of the items can only be obtained through zen. Items should be obtained with gold.
guest 13 yr ago x
The bosses are so strong at the end you can hardly beat them. Getting killed by the traps making me to use zen. The game makes you spend real money to beat the game. Any cheats for this? How can I get them for free!!!
superkid22 13 yr ago x
what you do is go to the execution room find a strong natural shaman and let them do all the work, you get lots of exp until you can start fighting yourself then just keep getting stronger shaman, never revive if you die. and just keep doing that till your like 55 and you will be set.
Guest 13 yr ago x
Super kid im 59 no more exp gain
ZenoniaFreak 13 yr ago x
The bosses are not that hard if you use long-range players but yeah, the Zen Shop is disappointing.
toz 13 yr ago x
nonsense....last bos to stong..need zen to refined my gear.
guest 13 yr ago x
Go to the arena official and challenge someone.If you win you get Zen.
l 13 yr ago x
"if" you win
l 13 yr ago x
i'm lv60 up to sec last boss no spare zen, spent on magical pickaxe and blacksmith kit
Guest 13 yr ago x
I'm on level 60 with sword warrior but the game says "no more EXP" please help
P3T4R 13 yr ago x
You have to play the game to the end with boss then you unlock hard core Mode ( difficult mod) and then you will gain Exp again.
P3T4R 13 yr ago x
Where can i get Iron i can't find it :S pls help
Zenonia3 legend 13 yr ago x
Oh guys wait until you fight Antione in the second playthrough. That is exactly where I am at. (with no origins of life) The funny thing is, I don't usually die because of the level 87 Antione. I die most of the time by the 3 level 76 Kazrogal Larvas!
Zenonia3 legend 13 yr ago x
P3T4R, you get iron from the purple mining crystals in Maru Island
xepher101 13 yr ago x
how do you mine for ores?
Epicka 13 yr ago x
Why would you buy magic pick axe?
Player.309 13 yr ago x
Hey im on hard mode and i cant go through it cause i cant beat atleast 3 monsters plaese help. Im on level 90 swordsman.
Empty 13 yr ago x
Just add the source to cydia and Download the DLC unlocker :D
Jtotha 13 yr ago x
first off - i beat the game in 3 days (13 hours) as a swordsman, i was like level 49 at maximum and the only zen i got was the zen at the opening of zenonia 3 so stop complaining. stupid me, i didnt even notice that there was origin of life to buy with zen and i used it on gold. Point is, the bosses aren't that hard to where you need to revive. Bulk up around the first 3 bosses and get a good lead on the bosses before you take them on and your good to go.
TheShaman99 13 yr ago x
I have a level 1 shaman and its attack is 99999 and its defense is the same, idk what my little brother did with my jailbroken ipod (my brother is 3 yrs. old), but i thank him!!!
iDont 13 yr ago x
There's a hack for this, but it does more than Zen, and it won't work for me. I got the portable blacksmith and magic pickaxe as well; they're extremely useful.
TheBeast08 13 yr ago x
Does anyone have a hack for Zenonia 3 w/ cydia to get infinite skill and stat points. Pls. help me and I would gladly send u a massive gold!!!!!
TheShaman99 13 yr ago x
@iDont what was the cydia source and what does it do? I'll send u 50,000 gold everyday if u tell me and works
enVyMe 13 yr ago x
i have a zenonia 3 app for iphone/itouch..and it has cheats...zen and gold are 9999999..and you get unlimited skill pts and stat points...but i got bored playing that and now im just playing the the version wihtout the cheat..and having a harp time defeating the final boss.. hahaha..
noobie 13 yr ago x
Has anyone got a cydia source for infinite stat and skill please tell me
zman 13 yr ago x
i bought zen points from the zen shop but how do u download them into the game
random guy 13 yr ago x
you can get 999999951 Zen using this cydia source. it's and go to the Z section and install zenonia 3 dlc zen.
Boss 13 yr ago x
How do you complete the quest Source of Polution
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