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pocket88 10 yr ago x
I did all the check list items. I can't get the coffee dunk
KenzieJade 10 yr ago x
where is the score board hidden at???
KenzieJade 10 yr ago x
disregaurd that last coment i found it.... what is the item inbetween the TNT and score board
Fan Laine  10 yr ago x
The way To get the water squirt is to get the pencil and throw it at the water cooler a whole bunch of times. It take a while but eventually you will hit it. An estimate is about 20 to 30 times. If you want the trophy, you have to do it.
Thanks, Fan Laine
Fan Laine  10 yr ago x
To get coffie dunk, you throw the paper wadd at the coffie cup untill you make it into it. Thanks bye you dumbies just kiddin.
TTY 10 yr ago x
To hit the picture on the wall you can throw a phone at it. P.s click the fan to unlock it! And a squid randomly pops p so before you throw your object click the squid!
Sars 10 yr ago x
How do you get the office jerk to say "im watching you" in the game office jerk??!!!! Its the last one i need
how 10 yr ago x
U don't have to put throw the Tnt in the cup just throw the eraser in to the coffee mug then when he drinks the coffee he will spit it out
OfficeJerkBrainy 10 yr ago x
You do not need the full version to unlock the brain, or others.
Click the scoreboard, and then press throw.
Click the fan, and throw it.
Use the pencil, to throw at the water tank in the back. Just keep throwing it until you make it.

OfficeJerkBrainy 10 yr ago x
To complete the coffee cup discharge, use the bomb, and throw it at the coffee!
Matty 10 yr ago x
I have been trying to hit the water bottle with the pencil but can't seem to do it. Any tips?
Matty 10 yr ago x
I did it. It took me between 40-50 times to throw the pencil at the water tank. How can I unlock the other items without spending money?
Matty 10 yr ago x
How do I get the squid and keep it?
Carrie 10 yr ago x
How do I do the coffee depth charge?
Carrie 10 yr ago x
Matty you have to catch it like 20-25times.
The guy 10 yr ago x
You can throw the achievement throphy if you have all acheivments completed
The guy 10 yr ago x
Carrie throw the TNT into the coffee
karyannie16 10 yr ago x
how do you do the bee swarm. I am trying to do the check list it says swarm I can't do it
Ezzy 10 yr ago x
How do I achieve mind scrambler?
kutiek12 10 yr ago x
I cannot get the pencil to hi the water cooler!!! Do u have to do it a special way or do u just flick it?? Ive been trying to figure it out for like 3 hours!!! Not exagerating!!!! HELP ME SOMEONE, PLEASE!?!?
kutiek12  10 yr ago x
Heyy(; TOC today(: my first touch of class performance and I'm reeeeeally excited!! (;
kutiek12 10 yr ago x
How do I hit the employee of the month picture by the water cooler?? It is my daily activity thing... And I really want to complete the challenge!! So if u wanna help me I will love u forever(: (not really, because I don't know youuu!!) lol(:
kutiek12 10 yr ago x
Hey... Anyone there?? I really need your help to do Office Jerk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (: thanks, kutiek12(: and I am awesome I just thought I would throw that out thwre(:
JoeMcFred 10 yr ago x
How do you get the coffee spray?!?
awsom girl  10 yr ago x
Hey how do you get daily chalenges when it says connect to th internet when I am????
Awesome girl 10 yr ago x
Use the pencial and hit the guys nose or ear it gave me like a 1,0000 points
Riley 10 yr ago x
Throw the bomb at his coffee cup to get that coffee spray
Awesome girl 10 yr ago x
Throw the pencil at the water bottle throw he stapler at the window
Milkgo 10 yr ago x
How do you unlock the picture frame
Hotty 10 yr ago x
It's not a pic frame it's the score board click the score board and touch throw
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