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Office Jerk iphone cheats free ACME pack dynamite pie eggs stapler app

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Skateboard chick 10 yr ago x
With the water cooler u use a pencil it took do many tries but u have to flick it really hard! Got it!

With the broken window u just use a stapler just the same thing as the cooler but at the door.
Skateboard chick 10 yr ago x
How do u do brain splat I am so confused! HELP!😱
May 10 yr ago x
To get the water thing you need to through a penis at it for a while

How do you get the jerk to put his hand on his head ? Please help that's the last thing I need to do.
jj 10 yr ago x
to get poster smash. throw a stapler at the water cooler and it will hit the poster next to it
Goso3 10 yr ago x
Just flick the pencil really hard
Jerk 10 yr ago x
How do you get the "swarmed"
Boo 10 yr ago x
Hey if you touch the score card you can throw that too
Carrcarr 10 yr ago x
Ok, i just got office jerk for free...and i dont have things like swarmed or coffee-bolw-up-thing. Why??????😨😨😨
CoolCat1 9 yr ago x
Okay i love playing office jerk and i finished the game is not that hard you just have to think but yah. I love this game!!!!!
Buggy 9 yr ago x
Water cooler squirt-
Throw the PENCIL at the WATER COOLER with a long Swipe
Coffee Depth Charge-
Throw the DYNAMITE (you MUST purchase with coins) at the coffee with a small swipe when the fan level is low
Broken Window-
Like the WATER COOLER SQUIRT except you use a STAPLER and swipe long at the direction of the window. Make sure to angle the STAPLER correctly according to the wind level.
Click the COIN ICON in the UPPER RIGHT corner, in the middle of the the three selections. This will bring up an ad. If you download and launch the app advertised, and then open OFFICE JERK, you receive FIVE coins. You may then delete the app.
You are able to watch videos to earn NUGGETS, and when you have 100 NUGGETS you earn 1 coin. You are not limited to how many times you watch videos, and you can get rich easily by simply patience of watching the commercials over and over.
Simply TAP the fan to the RIGHT or LEFT of the screen to throw and obtain it in your inventory.
Just like the FAN, just tap the score card, only this time select the option THROW and continue.
This is a tricky one. While playing, you will notice the purple SQUID appearing time to time. Quickly select him before he disappears! After 25 throws of the hidden SQUID, you permanently obtain the SQUID.
Will come back for updates.
Like Redd Argentum on the GAME CENTER!!!!!
•••Redd A.•••
Kurgan 9 yr ago x
Rainy day achievement??
Chalk_1983 9 yr ago x
Rainy day by throwing the ice cream cone.
I got it after a few times of hitting him in the face.
Hope that help :)
ajade 9 yr ago x
how do I do the coffee break and I hate paper cuts?
Kpuppyluv3 9 yr ago x
Hiw do you get coffee break on Office Jerk?
rhghd 9 yr ago x
How do I make him eat the phone
4kicks 9 yr ago x
Just watch the video once and then touch the. Bach of the guys head and it will give you options.choose free and you will get everything free it is fun to toss the egg because it breaks all over his the same in office zombie.
rara cuter than all you'll 9 yr ago x
How do you do the long distance call
Pjsmom531 9 yr ago x
How do you do the tastes good task on office jerk??
mark020 8 yr ago x
I simply love this game..well, i was stuck at some of the levels.. i found some cheats and tricks which helped me a lot at . Try it you office jerk addicts
mark020 8 yr ago x

*** link needs to be approved
Tam 5 yr ago x
I get the squid all the time, but does it ever give you anything? Seems pointless or am I missing something? Thnx
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