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Office Jerk iphone cheats free ACME pack dynamite pie eggs stapler app

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Karie 7 yr ago x
Qhen do you throw the pencil to hit the water jug?
jrod88 7 yr ago x
How do you do the double dart spectacle? I assumed you needed to get two darts stuck to his face but that didnt check off the box.
Karie 7 yr ago x
You need to get 2 darts stuck on his glasses
HELPPP!!!!!! :/ 7 yr ago x
how do you get him to say " im watching you"?
Superman 7 yr ago x
How do u get him to bang the keyboard?!?
Drummer boy 7 yr ago x
How do u get the giant pie lick
HELPPP!!!!!! :/ 7 yr ago x
superman i done it by keep throwing the stapler at him then he eventually gets a keyboard print face xx
Superman 7 yr ago x
Thanks HELPP!!!!!! U get him to say I'm watching u if u miss alot but I don't really know how I did it lol x
Superman 7 yr ago x
HELPP!!!!!! He got a keyboard face but it didn't check off the list ... Wy?
HELPPP!!!!!! :/ 7 yr ago x
urm on the check list it would of ticked of as: keyboard facial imprint i cant remember how i done the other one i think you mess around with him then he gets angry ? sorry i cant remember tht well and thanks xx
jerk fan 7 yr ago x
ive done it all besides 2
jeherohaku 7 yr ago x
How do you hit the squid?
Finished office jerk :D 7 yr ago x
hello people ive finished office jerk checklist so if you need help find me on facebbok ahahaha :P
Waterboy729 7 yr ago x
How do you get the pencil over to the water cooler! Please it's my last one!
????????? 7 yr ago x
how do you get the pencil over to the water cooler.
H 7 yr ago x
What is "water cooler squirt" in the checklist for the trophy?
how do you do a eraser snack?
Yo 7 yr ago x
How do you throw the pencil to the water cooler and whats poster smash
Sms64 7 yr ago x
How do you get the poster board thing on the checklist???
please? 7 yr ago x
how do you get poster smash?
help? 7 yr ago x
i need help hitting the water cooler to ulock the water cooler squirt and the double dart speckle
please help? 7 yr ago x
i need help hitting the water cooler to unlock the water cooler squirt
toetoe 7 yr ago x
To get him to bang on the keyboard, you just have to make his computer get the blue screen (I think that happens by hitting his computer with stuff incessantly). He'll freak out and you will get the check! :)

I need help figuring out the poster smash thing please!
toetoe 7 yr ago x
Correction, you get him to bang the keyboard by throwing a pencil at the computer screen.. It does the blue screen thing and he hits his computer, getting you the checkmark! :D
Blingchang  7 yr ago x
How do u get the pencil over the guy
guest 7 yr ago x
need help with poster smash and water cooler squirt....the only two! i can help anyone with anything else
Jaybee 7 yr ago x
I need help with the pice face lick and the giant face lick... Any help??
SlayerX007 7 yr ago x
^^that was me (guest) i actually figured that stuff out but i just need to know where/how to catch the squid and how to unlock the trophy because i already completed every task.
SlayerX007 7 yr ago x
@Jaybee All you have to do is hit him in the face with the pie. Face & giant face lick will vary, but if he licks it off his mouth it's the face lick and if he licks it off his entire face it's the giant face lick.
Cal 7 yr ago x
To get the coffee spray throw the rubber in his cup. To get the keyboard banger throw a pencil at his computerscreen and it will turn blue and he will hit his head.
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