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robo 10 yr ago x
how do you hit the water cooler and what is poster smash
David 10 yr ago x
Small Walkthrough (I got all of them except the "I'm watching you" one)

1. "I'm watching you" -- From what other people are saying, you continually miss the guy (hasn't worked for me so far though)

2. Banging Keyboard -- Make his computer get a blue screen by continually throwing a pencil at his computer (I've missed and gotten him to do this, and the pie also sometimes works too)

3. Broken LCD -- Hit his computer with something heavy, like the stapler.

4. Broken Window -- Hit the window of the door in the back of the office with either the stapler or TNT. You have to flick hard and aim at the door.

5. Coffee Cup Dunk -- Throw something small, like the eraser or cupcake, into his coffee

6. Coffee Depth Charge -- Throw TNT directly into his coffee mug. Can't just hit outside of it.

7. Cupcake Revenge -- Get him to turn around by hitting his back, then throw a cupcake at his face. Eventually, he'll wipe off the cream and flick it at you.

8. Dizzy Canaries -- Throw something heavy at him, like the fan or stapler, until he gets dizzy and canaries circle his head.

9. Ear Pencil -- Get him to turn around by hitting his back, then throw a pencil into his ear (best done if the wind is blowing to the right)

10. Eraser snack -- Turn him around by hitting his back, then throw an eraser into his mouth (best done if the wind is blowing left)

11. Fan in the face Scream -- Turn him around by hitting his back, then throw the fan at his face and he'll scream.

12. Giant Pie Face Lick -- Turn him around by hitting his back, then throw pie in his face. He'll either lick his entire face, or lick just his mouth. Keep trying until he licks his entire face.

13. Golf Ball Swallow -- Turn him around by hitting his back, then throw a golf ball into his mouth (best done if the wind is blowing left)

14. Hands on Head Taunt -- Keep missing him until he turns around, puts his hands to the side of his head, and does a mocking "nha nha nha nha nha nha" sound.

15. Head Lump -- Keep throwing heavy items at the back of his head until a lump forms.

16. Keyboard Facial Imprint -- Keep throwing heavy items like the stapler or the fan at the back of his head until his face hits his keyboard.

17. Laughing Taunt -- Keep missing until he turns around, points at you, and laughs.

18. Nasal Pencil -- Same as 9. Ear Pencil, but best done of the wind is blowing to the left.

19. Paper Tantrum Revenge -- Turn him around, and throw a paper ball at his face 3-4 times in a row without missing. He'll catch the 3rd or 4th one and throw it back.

20. Pie Face Lick -- Same as 12. Giant Pie Face Lick, but do it until he licks his lips.

21. Poster Smash -- Keep throwing either the golf ball or the stapler at the picture next to the water cooler until it hits it. Flick hard like you would with the Broken Window task.

22. Scoreboard Toss -- Just throw the scoreboard at him.

23. Snickering -- Miss until he peers over his shoulder and giggles.

24. Water Cooler Squirt -- Keep throwing the pencil at the water cooler until the pencil hits it. Flick hard like you would the Poster Smash and Broken Window tasks.

Hope this helps!
Roflcats 10 yr ago x
How do i get him to bang the keyboard?

Oh yeah david just hit miss hit miss and stuff its kinda a luck achieve
David 10 yr ago x
Right after I posted my walkthough, I got the "I'm watching you" task done >_
David 10 yr ago x
I missed Coffee Spray, crap. Keep throwing small items into his coffee mug until he drinks it right after you make it in. He'll spit out his coffee.
I43Smileys 10 yr ago x
How do you get the poster smash and water cooler squirt??? I just need to get those 2 till I get to throw the trophy :D
me 10 yr ago x
the squid will pop up during the game catch him 25 times to throw him repeatedly. The trophy is won by completing the check list. throw the pencil a couple of times at the cooler to make it jab in there and squirt.
Hannah 10 yr ago x
How do you get the I'm watching you and the water cooler?! They are my only ones!
Chacha 10 yr ago x
Ok... Who knows how to do the poster smash?!
ChikaChikaslimshady  10 yr ago x
LoL...when u hit his face with the trophy it leaves a round circle mark..!!
If anyone needs any help the only way I'm going to let u contact me is by psn for safety reasons...
My username is

Chikachikaslimshady  10 yr ago x
@Chacha how u get poster smash is u swipe the stapler as hard as u can towards the poster...
Sms63 10 yr ago x
Guess what people!!! POSTER SMASH is: hit his pic in the top left corner with a golf ball, it will "smash" it. I finished the checklist So ask me anything.
cool 10 yr ago x
how do you get double dart spectacle its the last one i need o:
Helpp 10 yr ago x
Anyone know what banging keyboard is?
Grey 10 yr ago x
I finished the checklist but I still can't use the trophy is there a hidden achievement or something?
Bob needs help 10 yr ago x
I've done the checklist where's the squid or what do I do know?
harry 10 yr ago x
hey bob, to get the squid you have to keep playing untill you see the squid, touch it and you get to throw it. but you can only throw it a few times, to keep it permanantly get it 25 times
Help cuz I'm stuck 10 yr ago x
I need help. iv done check list but still can't throw trophie odd......
123RoSs123 10 yr ago x
How do u hit the water
Poo 10 yr ago x
You can throw the score board for free just click on it
Poo 10 yr ago x
Sms63 how do you get coffee depth charge
Poo 10 yr ago x
Hey helpp to get key board smash hit him in the back of the head with the cup or stapler a few times
Csac 10 yr ago x
How do you do the I'm watching you task? Ive done all the other tasks
pash 10 yr ago x
wots coffee depth charge its the last 1 i need:(
pash 10 yr ago x
hou du u du water cooler squirt
pash 10 yr ago x
i hav dun iiiiiiiitttt :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
Billymays 10 yr ago x
I got everything!
Catcat123 10 yr ago x
The last 1 I need is coffee depth charge how the heck do u do it???
Catcat123 10 yr ago x
How do u do double dart spectical?
Ce~Babii 10 yr ago x
I Just Unlocked The Trophy!!!!!!!!11 Yaayyyyyyy!!!

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