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Office Jerk iphone cheats free ACME pack dynamite pie eggs stapler app

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bobby  10 yr ago x
help me on the poster smash one the golf ball wont reach their
Sms64 10 yr ago x
@poo: for coffee depth charge throw dynamite into the coffee cup
? 10 yr ago x
How do u get the pencil to the cooler I have that one left please help please
Catcat123 10 yr ago x
I got coffee depth charge now I need double dart spectical can some1 help me??
I finally unlocked everything  10 yr ago x
Oh it was sooo easy to unlock everything i got this app and with thin a half hour im done
Y 10 yr ago x
Which poster do you need to smash?
Juju 10 yr ago x
Hey guys in new office jerk you can get ALL of the extra things for FREE it's really cool it's only for 3 hours tho but u can do it again the next day!!! But first u have to watch a 30 second ad!!!! Get the updated office jerk!!!!!
ZixHam 10 yr ago x
All i need is giant face lick! and i know how to do it but all i need to do is get him to lick it off! XD
Guest123 10 yr ago x
What the heck?!!! I try so hard to get the water cooler squirt (my very last task) and it just won't reach there! It just hits the jerk! Any tips?
SlayerX007 10 yr ago x
@Juju what a scam gtfo

anyway, any help? i get to a really high score but the squid never pops out. also, i completed the checklist but i cant seem to be able to throw the trophy.

i am glad to help out with anything on the checklist, though.
Kslapshot8 10 yr ago x
WOOT just got the trophy!!

beat the whole game :)
Guest 10 yr ago x
How do i get the trial if acme in office jerk newest update and also i wish the squid could spank office jerk for a lit of points
Tiger 10 yr ago x
Kslapshot8 how do i get the squid
Blooper123 10 yr ago x
how do i do nasal pencil?????
pb+jx 10 yr ago x
hey blooper, you need to throw a pencil at him so he turns around, then throw the pencil at his face, best works when wind is blowing towards the left.
Beastie275 10 yr ago x
Okay I got everything on the checklist except for cooler squirt. I know what to do but I don't know how. People keep saying to throw as hard as you can but it always just hits the jerk. Help please!
Beastie275 10 yr ago x
Nevermind! I finally got it! Just keep flicking at the top left part of your iPhone where the volume buttons are and when the right wind direction and power comes you'll be able to hit it! Now I just need that damn squid. And for those having problems with getting their trophy you probably missed something. If you got everything then tap on the trophy and click Throw Trophy
Please please help me 10 yr ago x
Can someone please please help me the very last thing I need is double dart spectical
Guest 10 yr ago x
How do you get the pencil to the water cooler it's like impossible!!!!
SlayerX007 10 yr ago x
I just completed the checklist AGAIN within 20 minutes. I STILL can't throw the trophy and the squid STILL won't pop up. I'm really pissed and need help with how to throw them.
The kenz 10 yr ago x
How do u get him to pound the keyboard
Help needed 10 yr ago x
How do u get the pencil over the man please help it's my last one...
BayFaye99 10 yr ago x
To get the coffee spray throw the golf ball in the cup and if u do it a couple times then he will drink it and that's the coffee spray
Here to help 10 yr ago x
Ok for the pencil coller 1 u have to aim in the top left corner and trhow as hard as u can it will work sooner or later hope this helps :)
I need help!!  10 yr ago x
I'm begging for help all I need is the double dart spectical and I don't no what to do at all can someone please please help??
The kenz 10 yr ago x
How do I get him to bang the keyboard!
Bunnbunn 10 yr ago x
Wat is coffee depth charge
Ashae8 10 yr ago x
On the {[water cooler squirt]} I can't get it no matter what it will boy go over him or around him any sugggestions?? Plz plz help!! It's my last one..
SlayerX007 10 yr ago x
@The kenz what you need to do is keep throwing the pie at the screen. eventually he'll get the blue screen of death and bang his keyboard

@HelpNeeded and @Ashae8 aim towards the volume buttons on your iPhone (if you have an iPad it works better to shrink the screen size to x1) with the pencil while the fan is on the right blowing towards the left, preferably with low wind speeds.

@I need help!! throw 2 darts at hisw face. eventually they'll both land on his glasses and he will pull them off. that's it.

@Bunnbunn throw the TNT into his coffee and it will shoot it out upwards.
Meems80134 10 yr ago x
The squid is so cute
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