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Office Jerk iphone cheats free ACME pack dynamite pie eggs stapler app

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Heyhey 6 yr ago x
Im dissapointed u guys arent being smart
Just keep using the free trial all u need to do is watch a stupid boring advertissment and u will get it for 4 hours. Cheats anyone
Elmo238 6 yr ago x
I desperately need help with the water cooler squirt! I couldn't get the pencil to flick far enough, so I asked my dad to try. He couldn't get it either. It's my last one!! Someone please help me
Elmo238 6 yr ago x
Never mind. I got it right after I posted my question. You throw the pencil while the fan is on the right pointing left. The wind speed should be 1.10. If you have an iPad shrink the screen to x1. If anyone Needs anything else I have everything done
Woof 6 yr ago x
How do u do long distance call??
Elmo238 6 yr ago x
Woof- you throw the cell phone at him. Eventually he will catch it and talk to someone.
awesome person 6 yr ago x
@slayerX007 then i dont know! mine did the same then i updated it and it was fine.
SlayerX007 6 yr ago x
@awesome person yeah the update did work! now anybody can ask me anything because i unlocked everything now.
Olly 6 yr ago x
I used golfball for poster and window just random throws and pencil for water jug I kept throwing it again and again randomly
Gonzalez 6 yr ago x
In office jerk how do you get the TNT?
AA1 uploder 6 yr ago x
how do ya do long distance call?
AA1 uploder 6 yr ago x
IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIFINALLY DID IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!nearly.....
Flamee 6 yr ago x
U have to keep throwing the pencil at the water cooler until it punctures it
I'm watchIng U! 6 yr ago x
To get the I'm watching u... U need the egg I believe. It's the only way I've been able to get him to do it... I got it multiple times by throwing it at his computer and other close items but don't think u need to hit him. May take a few throws.

Thanks for all the water cooler help! I finally got it. Throwing pencil at it works but can take several times to get it there... Need right wind speed and direction and flick ur finger fast toward it
What's a nick name 6 yr ago x
To do the water cooler squirt I got really angry and just kept going then it eventually worked
Awesome person 6 yr ago x
Good for all the peole who did finsh it
jhballer 6 yr ago x
how do you get the coffee cup dunk
Adventure time fan  6 yr ago x
How do u get the pencil past the guy to hit the water cooler? Plz tell me!adventure time fan
Devs 6 yr ago x
How do you get gesundheit!??
Sexy awesome person 6 yr ago x
gesundheit throw the flower to make him sneeze
Awesome person 6 yr ago x
@sexy awesome person YOU STOLE MY NAME!!!!!!
Steveduck 6 yr ago x
Hey all, came back to say they made a sequel (sorta) look for office zombie In the app store!
Hi 6 yr ago x
Hiw Do U Get The Guesutiet pls help
awesome person 6 yr ago x
I got office zombie and its soooooo fun
jfrost 6 yr ago x
EVERYTHING IS FREE ON THE ANDROID seriously I did the whole checklist so ask whatever...its just 2 items I need(squid and popcorn)
Thebeast  6 yr ago x
Umm I just clicked on free trial
horsey 6 yr ago x
hey any of ya know how to unlock the round thingy that is black when u havent unlocked it and the clue is :hmmm..i wonder who left it here.. any suggestionss or answers? THX;D
J 6 yr ago x
How do you get the one slick 'do?
SMcInteer 6 yr ago x
I need to get "Long Distance Call," any advice?
Skater kid 6 yr ago x
How do you do one slick 'do
SMcInteer 6 yr ago x
To get "one slick do," you have to hit him with the bee hive a couple of times till it sticks on his head.
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