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guest 10 yr ago x
Why are people complaining about shells? You don't HAVE to buy them. The app offers free apps for download to earn them, and though you have to install AND run the app in order to get said shells, delete it right after and you still have what you want. I love how you can have many islands in Tap Resort Party!

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guest 10 yr ago x
There should be an inventory which enables you to take items from one island and place them on another. Another problem is the shells. So many items are 200 shells and the only way to get that many is to pay real money.
guest 10 yr ago x
There should be a system where you can exchange money coins for shells, and I agree with the above too many cool items costs 200 shells, please if anybody knows any cheats for free shells let us know!! Oh and if you don't watch out where you tap you accidently spin the wheel and get a prize you don't really want.
Davy 10 yr ago x
I need shells tap resort
Calyie 10 yr ago x
One easy way to earn shells is to buy a new island and finish the task and you get 5 shells each time or keep building stuff and you will get one shell after you finish 1 level. And I agree if you could get shells by paying for it with your TR coins like what you do with coins...
hgf 10 yr ago x
this place really sucks dose anyone have a cheat
punky 10 yr ago x
all the suggestions say you can click on a link to download apps to get free shells.....well you can't - maybe there has been an update that has stopped the free shells?
I have tried clicking on get more shells and the only way is to pay!! Who is going to pay real money to get shells in a game???!!
Tazza 10 yr ago x
There is some ways u could buy some shells but seriously who would do that I wouldn't another way is u keep buying stuff and then u go up a level and get some shells
rachii-jayne 10 yr ago x
how do you get more shells??
what app can you get for more shells?? what good apps are there that are free??
CalamitorsniKlocs323 10 yr ago x
For getting 2000 free shells restart the game then go to shop entretainment and try to buy something of 200 shells or more quickly before they tell u u dont have shells shot off ipod this function with the actualized tap resort And thats it
Calyie 10 yr ago x
I tried and it didn't work...did it workf for you?
Call Me Bob 10 yr ago x
Keep your luxury points at one point under whatever it takes to get to the next resort class.

Buy an umbrella for 200 coins. Your level goes up and you get five shells.

Then I sell the umbrella. You get half your coins back and lose one luxury point, putting you back under the limit.

You have to exit the game after you sell the umbrella because though your luxury points will go down, the game will not acknowledge that you've one back down to the lower resort class until you restart. Then repeat that process as many times as you like.

50 shells will cost 1000 coins this way. But you can sell those 50 shells for 198,000 coins.

This does not work for the last level. Once you get to 500 points in all areas, you don't get any more shells. So with everything else maxed out, your luxury has to stay at 349 to keep getting shells. Or you can buy another island and do it again, but I have not had good luck with having a second or more island... game keep deleting my junk.
Korean Master 10 yr ago x
Create a tapjoy account it tells you how to get shells for FREE!!!! You just download apps and fill out surveys.
Zoo hacker  10 yr ago x
I have infinity shells and coins I have unlimited happiness unlimited lei time so they can keep dancing with it on I have almost everything in that game I have all vampire stuff I filled all of my islands need more islands!!!!
sunshine 10 yr ago x
Zoo hacker how did u get so many coins?
Stupidbutaddictinggame 10 yr ago x
Why can't you sell ur islands???
Stupidbutaddictinggame 10 yr ago x
I have 7 islands that I don't want. Why can't I sell them?
ZR 10 yr ago x
I loved this game which was weird becuz I never get into games like this but I put so much money into this game like buying shells constantly and out of nowhere today I go to my game that I've invested so much in only to find out it erased everything and no way of getting anything back
Egg 10 yr ago x
Please tell me how to actually use tap resort thanx💐
Alan 10 yr ago x
Zoo hacker how do you do that and get so many coins
Flargen 9 yr ago x
Add me and give me tips for unlimited shells my tiny Id is 123456789lol
yes 8 yr ago x
.you can do it by jailbreaking your ipod/iphone which is really easy to do.

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