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Epic Gladiator free Glory Tokens cheats iphone app game hacks

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guest 13 yr ago x
Cool game in the age of the Romans. You have to buy a slave and make it a gladiator. The goal is to upgrade your slaves and buy slaves, armor, weapons, and necklaces. Necklaces hold damage reduction and blessing from the gods. Blessings are helpful to have as they upgrade either strength, endurance, agility, or wits by a-lot.

tags: epic gladiator, free, cheats, glory tokens, ipod touch, tips, help
guest 13 yr ago x
App crashes a lot at startup. Too many ads to earn glory points in this game. The app really pushes you to download other apps. ALso I wish you could control the fights yourself. How do I get more glory tokens for free?
guest 13 yr ago x
Awsome app but it would be better if we could customize our gladiators. I like all the weapons and how you can build your gladiator up for battles.
Asdfghjkl 13 yr ago x
How do u use points in epic gladiator for ipod touch
Hanooon333 13 yr ago x
What is the easy way to get tickets I,m tired of playing .. May you help me please?!
SkodaAl 13 yr ago x
Epic Gladiator can be glitched by going to general in settings - Date & Time - and scrolling up or down by days. This can glitch your Vitality to 300+ making battles easy wins. Also.. if you turn off your iphone and turn it back on it resets the time for restoring vitality +80 back to normal. Add me in Gamecenter SkodaAl
Gavionconopie 13 yr ago x
Doesn't work SkodaAl
Bry 13 yr ago x
Y does the chances of training my gladiator not increase?
DiPera 13 yr ago x
- Can one make a HowTuT to hack this game(coins+glory)? With iFile or iFunBox please
DiPera 13 yr ago x
is there any chance, for edit the "other app downloading reward"? For example if you download another app, u'll get 10gold reward, cant it set up for example to 1million gold after u downloaded the other app?

Or isnt there any decrypter?
peko 13 yr ago x
Can someone tell me why I cant get any fights going online. I hit the fight button but nothing happens. This suuccks
Alek 13 yr ago x
In epic gladiators for the I phone / iPod go to more cash choose 1 glory then while holding it down back space and type how many you want then let go.
kjacker 13 yr ago x
hey, Bry you have to level up to get better chance
Dofuent 13 yr ago x
EPic glad ilove this game but!!!! But when you start it, it doesnt Play.
lecwarr 13 yr ago x
Watch this video if you want to know how to hack/Glitch "Epic Gladiator"
jos$hs 13 yr ago x
is there any cheats at all
Hayjam  12 yr ago x
How get glory
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