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Lucystar 8 yr ago x
How do you know what level your on and how do u get to the next one? Plz plz plz res.pond
William Ionsea 8 yr ago x
In the top left corner that shows your XP bar and ants mood you can see your level.
You level up by collecting XP from completed tasks,bug visitors.etc.

Enjoyed the game.
Right now im level 12.
Missy 8 yr ago x
How do I get the land on the right side to open up??
Smurfsnerd9091 8 yr ago x
Brainy smurf wants me me to build a garden. What does that mean?!? Please help
Heather1989 8 yr ago x
How can you earn more free coins? The thing where you watch the video is saying "sorry this feature is not available at the moment. Please try again at a later time" and I haven't used the feature for awhile now.
Sophieannkate 8 yr ago x
Y are people gettin all these random coins? N if there is a cheat to get a 1000 coins. Surely u wud share it wit other people.
Bebo 8 yr ago x
Guys idont know how to finish the grapes task i need the pocket and it needs alot of smurfberries so wat i shoyld plz fast answer
help me! 8 yr ago x
how are other ways to get free coins cause none of these are working
zhar 8 yr ago x
hi guyz! i am just new in Bug Village. i am currently on level 12. can anyone add me as a friend coz it ask me to add 3 friends. please please add me. my fb account is: please. i'll wait...
bugginDR 8 yr ago x
"complete 3 tasks (2h) from a small pile"
centz 8 yr ago x
just select small pile and choose the 2 hour task do that 3 timews
vv 8 yr ago x
Hey so I got the game about a week ago and it's really cute, I asked my boyfriend to play with me so I could add him as a friend so he added the game on his iphone (I have a android) and we tried adding each other through facebook, but it doesn't work. the notification never showed up on my facebook, and now we don't know how to add each other as friends. Does anybody know how to do it not through facebook? or how to fix our facebook problem?
William Ionsea 8 yr ago x
@Missy You need to buy that garden for coins.
Strawberry 8 yr ago x
How do I breakthrough that big rock to get to the new side of the garden?
guest 8 yr ago x
How do you visit friends or send them gifts? I have been accomplishing these tasks by choosing "finish now" and using my free coins. Is there any other way?
Like the game but refuse to spend money on coins!
rose 8 yr ago x
I was using a cheat for a while where I kept watching the video, now It just says unavailable :( So I dunno what to do, I want more free coins. Anyone know a cheat for free coins? Tell me yours and I will tell you mine.
lovebug 8 yr ago x
I have a mytouch 4G phone, and I have a few friends who are playing Bug village, and so I added the game to play with them, however my phone only has Feint accounts and unlike my friends when I click on the community button it takes me to the android market page, not a glu account page. My friends have tried adding feint to their glu accounts, but they don't have a way to search for my feint username (when they try the page says that there is an error and to please try again later). And why I try searching for them on my feint, it tells me that the usernames I am entering are unavailable.
Help please? Does anyone know how I can fix this situation? is there a way they can fix their gameboard so they can find me? or a place where I can find the glu account page and add my own account and maybe see if we can add eachother through glu?

I would really appreciate the help! Thanks so much!!
Boxie 8 yr ago x
More coins? go to, install the free app(s) run app, collect coins in bug village, then if you want delete the app.
abbey 8 yr ago x
I now have unlimited coins, and acorns! So happy now I can get everything for free wooohoo~
Silentser67 8 yr ago x
How do you complete Park Collection because, I have everything but the rock thing with grass on it and It does not show it to be bought Please help
Anniekre 8 yr ago x
What are ye butterfly's for? I have one now and saye it's benefit is 0.3%??
garion434 8 yr ago x
Need help completing park collection quest. Can't find the stump/rock looking thing to buy. Sort of stuck on it.
guest5 8 yr ago x
how do u guys get free coins? It won't work for me.
guest_here 8 yr ago x
how can i get free coins without paying something? i need help, don't have coins :|
sugar 8 yr ago x
for a few days now I can not watch the sponsored videos to earn free coins I am online and my app is updated why won't it let me watch the videos? any ideas?
sree 8 yr ago x
Please add me to ur facebook friends list... my FB id '' i need to add few friend in bug village, please reply ur facebook mail id to my email if you want me to add u
leo2917 8 yr ago x
Garion434 the stump is a house.
leo2917 8 yr ago x
Strawberry, You have to complete some tasks I think you may need to be at a certain level (19 or 20).
kk 7 yr ago x
I need coins . How do I get coins for free I can't buy any
jj 7 yr ago x
how do i get a beetle on level 2 and cant seem to buy a house. keeps saying to complee task, and how do i get pas the big rock
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