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Bug Village free coins materials cheats help glu tips iphone

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JJ 7 yr ago x
Sree 7 yr ago x
@JJ: Wait for some more time, Removing of Rock and Building Beetle house are also tasks that comes up soon to your tasks. Then you can go with these... :)
bugsy anty 7 yr ago x
Can all of u add me here on fb?so i cn visit u guys n xchange gifts> sumting out of it?
Pls telme hw2gt more free coins??help.tq
bugsy anty 7 yr ago x
& whats d purpose of d items with the +0.1%/+0.4%/+0.6% of acorns on the icon?
some items have the +0.1%/+0.4%/+0.6% of XP on them also.
my qn is this: how2gt dose XP or the acorns?i planted the items on the garden,but nothing indicates an increase in my XP or acorn?
cn any1 explain how those items work?help??

note:the items with the +0.1%/0.4%/0.6% XP or acorn is found in the decorative tab(the third column with umbrella symbol). and these items can only b purchased by gold coins.
aweise 7 yr ago x
What's the specific thing I need to do to get free coins?? This game gets way to expensive when u have to keep buying coins.
rose 7 yr ago x
I officially have like 200000000000 coins and 999999999999 acorns. Woooohooo
@sree 7 yr ago x
wen 7 yr ago x
How do I get unlimited acorns and coins I do not have a save default folder or a library please help
kevboy 7 yr ago x
How do are you supposed to do the task where is asks you wo build 6 ant homes????? When i try to build a new home, it says that the house limit is reached. I only have 4 ant houses and therefore i cannot complete the task. Also, for some reason i lost over a thousound acorns for now reason. I did not by anything. Also, can you sell or delete things that you have already placed????
ega 7 yr ago x
you know i became lv 20 in lest than a week this how you do it you need to exit game and make time faster 1day
casperjay 7 yr ago x
On big village and you go onto leader board what does Res mean?
hlp64 7 yr ago x
Why has my game gone back to level 1? Glu has been screwing with me and cheating me since I started playing. I cant get coins unless.I pay. I cant get gifts. Now after paying got coons and acorns, over seventh dollars, the company deleted Md and puts me back to level 1 at the tutorial level. They suck as customer service.
jamie 7 yr ago x
hi does anyone know how to get ladybugs, stinky bugs, and the big ant that comes out the ground to reappear they have stop appearing and i need them to do tasks? its for the windows phone 7 versions.
rumsey203 7 yr ago x
im level 16 now and want to get past the huge rock any ideas,
linny 7 yr ago x
To remove houses or to take things out of ur village u have to select edit and then just click on the house or item and click the purple will go back to the store but it'll let u get it out whenever u want for free. If ur removing a house or pile or flower....u have to wait until the task is completed .... or the aunts n bees aren't completing the a bug village freak. If anyone knows how you can score free coins without having to download that crap holler at me ;)
linny 7 yr ago x
OH...SUPER IMPORTANT! I play off the DROID app and a lot of times ill go to play and its like all my village packed up n burned out to go live in canada or some s&%* and it tries to get me to start over from the beginning .....when this happens all u have to do is exit as quick as u possibly can and wait....sometimes I even have to shut my phone down a few times or wait 2 agonizing days....but do NOT ever start playing when you can clearly see that ur village has disappeared ...if u do start over then ur last game will for sure be gone. I LOVE BUG VILLAGE!!!! hey....its better then being addicted to crack ir somethin crazy :)
brittanie 7 yr ago x
how do i get free coins i already clicked on the get more in the top left corner of the screen and there was no video or whatever so i am totally at loss at what to do so plz ne suggestions would help lol
sherlinc 7 yr ago x
we tried to get more coins from joining other games as they suggest but no coins came into our account. How to you add coins to your account?
marylou 7 yr ago x
I also need friend on bug villiage please send me an invite marylouisetidd fb name also the game has cleared itself with updates any suggestions love the game and on level 22 for the third time like to know how to get the unlimited coins
penetrator69 7 yr ago x
how can i remove the big rock on the side of the garden?pls help.thanks.
Mary 7 yr ago x
facebook users!!
Mary 7 yr ago x
dingalbarry 7 yr ago x
how did you get the ant task?
**JMH** 7 yr ago x
Need more neighbors and send gifts daily. Please add me. I get daily free coins by trying to buy something that is more coins than I have, then earn the coins by watching their ad videos. I've earned from 2-10 coins a day. Now level 30
redsexygurl 7 yr ago x
how do benefit from the butterfly? I completed the butterfly. then I started another one assuming I will gain something. What is the purpose and how long should I leave the butterfly working?
feranyagusa 7 yr ago x
Jhee 7 yr ago x
I have a question, Im currently stuck on the butterfly task 5/6 and the quest need me to finish the the quest by simple daisies(1H) but there are no 1H option there only 1H 30M.
Kathy 7 yr ago x
momoryan 7 yr ago x
how do I get free coins.
Time cheat 7 yr ago x
Theres a time cheat in bug village and i know it. Anybody wants to know? Just comment then.
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