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Tiny Tower free money bux cheats bitbook iphone/ipod game app

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guest 13 yr ago x
If you pay, you get more money faster, and can just speed the game up. But I have not spent anything on this game and am still enjoying it. The BitBook is so funny. I also like how you just do nothing you can get coins or bux.

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guest 13 yr ago x
I love the part where you get lots of free tower buxes! I love the way you can customize the way your floors look, and the fact that there's a Bitbook where the citizens speak up. Only issues are money gain is way to slow and I wish you could back stock at least for certain stores.
guest 13 yr ago x
Crashes if you arent on wifi or 3g. I really appreciate that you're able to acquire tower bux without having to pay real money. I wish you could earn money faster and that the price of floors went down.
guest 13 yr ago x
When you receive VIP's, you should be able to save or sell them, as well as when you click no on a floor, you should be able to send the elevator back up to that floor and drop off the VIP. Love the BitBook!
Box 13 yr ago x
I definitely love BitBook! Bitizens should be able to comment on posts, and maybe there should also be a Bitwitter! And like make them game more realistic like the day and night,the four seasons,like music for day and night and different seasons,that would be awesome!
Sam 13 yr ago x
This sounds like a game that I could really get into but after building the 2nd floor for residential, I don't have any coins to build the 3rd production floor. Am I doing something wrong?! Please help!!!
DJ3 13 yr ago x
I would like an update with a better bank. Being able to save money, and also being able to save VIP's. So many times I have a construction VIP that I can't use.
dr.jiggles 13 yr ago x
i think you should be able to fire people so that they go back to their apartments, but the only way to get them out of the job is to give them a new job or evict them!
you can 13 yr ago x
you can fire people just assign them a new job and select no job...they'll return back to the apartment
Rawr 13 yr ago x
The solution to the construction VIP is to always have a floor under construction. If you have a floor that doesnt fit the dream job of ANY of your residents, it is best to either build more apartments and hope residents have a dream job that fits that floor OR you can destroy the floor and recycle it til it does fit one of your residents dream job. This game is very slow in terms of money gain, but it picks up very quickly once you get all your stores up and running.
Rooosie 13 yr ago x
GOOD WAY TO GET FREE MONEY ON THERE: update your date to about 1 year and 4 months and you get about $2000 but makesure your shops are stocking before you change it. And when putting the date back make sure NO shops are restocking
Mr. Hyde ;) 13 yr ago x
You can unemploy people.. Just press new Job and select "no job" and voila! They are unemployed! :)
But I wish you could save VIPs and bitbucks come a little faster.:)
Goozbooz 13 yr ago x
I wish there was a cheat to get free money with out paying! :(
GoozWooz 13 yr ago x
I wish their was a cheat to get money on tiny tower whith out paying! :(
Conn! 13 yr ago x
Hey! If you have a popular room in your tower put it high up because your people pay more money to get their.
emmaolso 13 yr ago x
How do you use bitbook?
Bobfred 13 yr ago x
U don't use bitbook, the bitzens just comment in it by themselves.
Love how they are so realistic!
do60312 13 yr ago x
I really love bitbook- it's epic. The money gain is just too slow, though! It'd be awesome if you got money for VIPs more often... In my tower they come hardly at all.
Baiz 13 yr ago x
i agree, money should come faster, it took me 3 hours to get enough money to get a new floor without swapping towerbux to coins, and it took me all day to get 50 towerbux today, yesterday i got over 100 in the one day, i also think you should be able to have your own Bitizen as the boss/manager of the tower and customize their clothing instead of random clothes
Guest 13 yr ago x
This is a cheat. If you get all your things stocked then you go to settings press 24 hour clock and put the time forward the time in tiny tower will change too
awsome guy 13 yr ago x
how do you get bitizins.
ThisHackcom 13 yr ago x
Tested and Working Tiny Tower Cheats! You can download it for free from:
Guest 13 yr ago x
Wait then how do you get the unlimited tower bux? What are the instructions?
Jasmine 13 yr ago x
Omg i just started the game 5 minitues ago and i ant put it down its that addicting.
mgruik 13 yr ago x
i found a cheat for towerbux, i was messing with the dates on my phone and it ended up being one of the bitizens birthdays, and you get one towerbuck on their bday, so i kept pushing the year and getting a buck everytime. Two of my bitizens birthdays are on June 1 and June 3
chris 13 yr ago x
I found a cheat on the iPad but it probably works on the iPhone too. Whenever you are getting someone up the elevator, scroll down to the bottom really fast and click on the lobby. For every time you click the lobby when they are still in the elevator, it gives you more money. If they want to go to floor 2, just put them up and keep tapping the lobby as fast as you can and you can get like 5 tower bux. Hope this helps! comment if you don't understand though :)
Sum1 13 yr ago x
If u wait a long time without touching the VIP it changes into a different VIP
Question 13 yr ago x
I don't understand lobby trick
Dotty 13 yr ago x
this game is so addictive! but i wish you could save VIP's, i always get contruction wokers at the wrong times..and the prices for new floors get way to expensive the further you go! and i love the bitbook its so cute! add me! MegIsDotty
Confused 13 yr ago x
I don't understand the lobby cheat
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