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Tiny Tower free money bux cheats bitbook iphone/ipod game app

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Live2act2 10 yr ago x
Love this game! If you want to save a VIP,before clicking on hem , just go down to the lobby and if they are in a construction outfit, don't click the VIP button until you have a floor under construction. Then you can use them. I think money gain isn't too too slow but I would appreciate more people tipping in tower bux. If you do use the date and time set cheat on your game make sure no stores Re restocking when you change it back. I did and got stuck with waiting six days for them to stock. Overall I love the game though!
Billy 10 yr ago x
I found a glitch to getting free towerbux no jailbreak or downloads. It is very simple. Go to menu and then bitzens. Click on 1 of your bitzens and it will show there birthday. Then go to settings, general, date and time, and click the date. This is easier if you have multitasking. What you do is go to that bitzens birthday and then go to tiny tower (by multitasking or manually). Then it should say it is so and sos birthday you get a free towerbux. Then go back to settings and change they year up ex.2011 to 2012. Then go back to tiny toweramd get another towerbux and repeat till u get as many towerbux as you want. Reply if you have any questions.
Lauraa 10 yr ago x
Is there anyother cheats cause it takes too long to do...... What is that lobby cheat....I don't get it :/
Billy 10 yr ago x
Well i tried the lobby 1 but that doesnt work for me. But with my trick i got 100 towerbux in 15 mins
Vik 10 yr ago x
FREE TOWER BUXS!!! Change the date and set it on one of your bitizens birthday. Then go to the game and collect 1 tower bux. Go back to settings and go to general, then date and time and forward 1 year. Go back to the game tiny tower and collect 1 tower bux. Do these steps over amd over again.
Vik 10 yr ago x
Hey Billy what's ur trick????
Lauraa 10 yr ago x
Heey Billy , how do you multitask cause I have an iPod without camera and if your American your iPods probe different to mine
Billy 10 yr ago x
Vik: mine is the same as your trick
Laura: i have a third gen itouch and i updated it to like 4.0.1 wen i got this thing where wen u double tap the home key fast in a row a line comes at the bottom of recent apps u went to
jd 10 yr ago x
what is a cheat
Aga 10 yr ago x
Hi guys after doing the date/time adjustment, I noticed that my tower is not updated on my friendlist is there anyone havin the same problem as me thanks
Tips 10 yr ago x
Omg guyss... Just change the date on ur iPhone/ iPod and then you get loads of doshh ;) kiss my feet babes I just gave you such a good tip xD
Green Day Girl 10 yr ago x
Is anyone else having a problem with construction when they are changing the dates? My construction times don't seem to change.. Help?
Sharzu 10 yr ago x
just close tiny tower and then change the date and then open tiny tower and the construction will be finished.
A 10 yr ago x
Re: All.

Want to make money fast?

Well, a few people have mentioned that setting your date to 1 year in the future can generate some money. Yes it can, but 1 year is too much. Just set it to 1 day in the future with stock loading. As soon as you re open the game, all of it is ready. Just click the package icon and nothing else. The more floors you have and the more you repeat this the more bitcoins you can earn. So far I've been able to earn up to 400,000 bitcoins in one go, but that's after many many times of making smaller amounts of money to create the 100 floors I have.

Note: If you restock your floor and change your date back, you will have to wait longer for the floor to be stocked, by 1 day. This can result in the loading bards to fly across screen to the left side of your phone. To fix it, just go a day back into the future.
admins 10 yr ago x
@A thank you for pointing that out (you know what we mean). guess the javascript didn't work.
Pineapple :3 10 yr ago x
Hi :)
Thanks for the lobby cheat !!! It works !!
Umm, i tried the date change. I had to wait 240 days !!! But i just changed the year (i set it on 2012) and it worked. Whatever, dont do it, i was lucky but maybe you guys could not fix it :$
And i have another cheat that i found
I had 90 bux in like 2-3 days and i bought 100 000 $$ and i updated the elevator and i
now have like 15 and im still winning bux !
It worked for me. Next time u get a bux, click somewhere
(on the box that appears)
whitout removing ur finger
for a while. Then, when you
will lift someone on the
elevator, he will tip you 1 bux (almost everytime u lift someone !) and you will get the guys who come and search for a bitizen then when you click on the bitizen it will give you a bux. I dont remember how i did this so if it doesnt work try clicking somewhere else on the screen. Also, when u have a VIP, click on him whitout removing ur finger, then he will come back much more
WARNING : the VIP will come back but only him, not the others ! So if u want to do this cheat at least choose ur favorite one !
A 10 yr ago x

No problem ;)

Also, use reCaptcha.
Guest  10 yr ago x
Lol here's a good cheat when u c a VIP & u don't want them to buy to thing take them to the apartments that's what I do :p
Andie 10 yr ago x
I did the date cheat about the birthdays but now that I've gone back in time to the original date my construction time won't change and I've no customers for an hour :( HELP PLEASE!
DF 10 yr ago x
When I did the "go to the future" trick, some of my shops did stock up quickly and get rental money, but some even add more days! Now I have ALL of my shop's stocking time as 9665D, 18H.
appropo 10 yr ago x
Can you pick the kind of business you want, ie can i ask for a dentist office under construction. When i select a
Andie 10 yr ago x
@DF you have to go back into the 'future' to fix that. I did it too and I was like "WTF"!
@appropo no, sadly you can't
lobby trick? 10 yr ago x
i dont get how to do the lobby trick can someone explain it
cazran 10 yr ago x
the lobby trick doesnt work on my ipod... how do you do it?
do60312 10 yr ago x
I think this may come in handy. If anyone has a jailbroken iPhone or iPod touch then go to cydia and townload tiny tower hack 1.1. Usually you would have to earn money and bux, but this cheat gives you unlimited bux& money! Very handy. Me gotz golden elevator!!!! Speed of lightning. Just install the hack, spend at least 1 bux or coin and you will find you have an everlasting stock of 5433721 bux and coins. :)
do60312 10 yr ago x
Here's another tip: feel like saving VIP's? Keep them in the lift! I kept a construction VIP in the lift for 5 hours while I gained enough money to buy a new floor. VIPs must have felt really ripped off... :)
cydia 10 yr ago x
@do60312 i cant find tiny tower hack 1.1 on cydia. do you have to download something before or is tiny tower hack 1.1 not the name? please help.
Jazzy  10 yr ago x
@Chris o thnx I'll try it and tell ya if t worx or not
Ari 10 yr ago x
I got a good one. (: Change the date on your iPod and go onto Tiny Tower. You should collect more rent. Keep changing the date and keep collecting rent.
fnjfbnsm 10 yr ago x
the lobby thing doesnt work and dont do the future thing cuz then evrything wil be closed and it sux cuz then if u have like 40 floors with level 3 things
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