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Tiny Tower free money bux cheats bitbook iphone/ipod game app

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Why?? 10 yr ago x
umm my tiny tower deleted after i did the "future" trick! and now it wont let me redownload it?? did this happen to anyone else?? :P poo..
Appleipod 10 yr ago x
You can earn money by restocking all the stores and changing the time in settings by at least 1 day. Stock and then repeat. But make sure no stores are restocking b4 you return to the proper day.
To earn bux, go to the menu in the game and click bitzens in the top left corner, if you choose a bitzen it gives you their b-day. Change the day to their b-day and you will get 1 tower bux.
Blerr 10 yr ago x
How do you get rent ?
2icey2cold 10 yr ago x
Love the Bitbook, they are really witty. I gains tons or coins everyday, just remember to order products right before you go to bed. Save up on tower bux because it will come in handy when upgrading your elevator. I still have one more upgrade to go!
Fred 10 yr ago x
Everybody is talking about changing the date but I don't see where I do that. I looked in settings and all thats there is sound and restarting the game.... Help?
FlyingWaffle 10 yr ago x
I dnt understand the lobby cheat
Rayray 10 yr ago x
My ipods time was reset to like january 1, 2038 and now my game and ipod is completely screwed up even once i changed it back. I need help putting my game back to normal!
-M- 10 yr ago x
@chris - For the lobby & elevator trick, do you need to keep putting the elevator down (to the lobby) and then click on the lobby OR just click on the lobby a lot? Explain your cheat more before posting next time. A lot of people are confused.
-M- 10 yr ago x
@Fred - You click on Settings. Then General, click on Date and Time. Then change your date and time as you wish. I would hold back on that 'cheat' because of the problem 'Rayray' has.
Rayray 10 yr ago x
Im waiting to see if after my floors r done restocking i can change the date back. Ill let u guys no if its fine. And yeah tht lobby one doesnt make sense...
Mel 10 yr ago x
the lobby cheat does work, i used to use it all the time! and when someone tipped me a tower buck if ur lucky you can get them to repeat it up to 3 times! i would still be using it but i updated the game and now the glitch is fixed. :(
Tiny Tower 10 yr ago x
i dont understand the lobby trick it doesnt work and dont do the date thing i havent done it but itll screw with ur ipod iphone or ipad
k 10 yr ago x
umm.. i did tht date and year thing but now its telling me i have to wait 9876 days ...... ?help
poster 10 yr ago x
Simple hack allowing you to choose how much bux or coins you want.
mykee81 10 yr ago x
do you need to go back to original date? or can't you just continuously move the date forward?
Athena 10 yr ago x
Ok I have tested a few of these tips. The lobby trick didn't work for me. When you said to click the lobby and it would give you bux, it won't work cause if you try to do it the elavator will just move down. The going into the "future" does work, at least, for me. (And I have the updated version, though it would work for the older version to.) though not EVERY time you try it. Sometimes it will be someones birthday and it won't give you a buck. Mostly it does though. And I cannot stress enough how important it is NOT to go back to normal time while you are waiting for it to stock. It will put how many DAYS you have to wait before it will restock. Including the hours as well. So try not to do it. It also puts these weird green lines going from the left bottom corner to the edge of the left side of the screen (the side with the elevator). If it does happen please keep in mind the date you were at before you switched back. Then you could go to that date again, or past it to immediately restock. Oh, and some people might be worried about it taking away the bux, coins, new additions that they made to their tower being taken away. My stuff want taken from me. I had over 100,000 dollars, and got to keep every penny. Same with bux. For asfar as I know, it will let you go for a pretty long time, though I doubt that you can go forever. Now that I've hopefully helped someone, I would like to ask a question of my own. Is it possible to somehow get a certain floor to be made? I have a lot of bitizens who want to work in a bank or tutoring center. Both of them are service, but every time I try to build one of them into a floor, I get something like a barber shop or (just barely) a dentist. I want to know if there is a way to get more people their dream jobs. So far I've only had 4 put in their dream jobs. I know I know. I'm working on it. >.
melioshun12 10 yr ago x
@ Athena, hey i have the save problem but i dont think you can have a floor to be made... Im not sure if it goes by order or if its the same for everyone for example i got barber shop first and then travel agency... anyways i hoped i helped this is a web site that has the list of the servie floors :)
Feel free to add me people melioshun12 :)
coby 10 yr ago x
the lobby trick doesnt work. the hold down on screen next time you get bux kinda works
Alesha723 10 yr ago x
Today i found that i can restock items that are already selling at the same time...
Move the shop wanted to the bottom 1/3 of the screen, (scroll not moving with bux)
double tap the top of the selected item as quick as possible (the shop box should not appear , i tend to tap around the third light in on shops or the centre top).
It will say 'you do not have enough bux for that' or something similar, but will start restocking anyway.
You may have to try it a few times to get the right spot on the screen, I use the most expensive items that sell the most stock in the shop as its easier to double tap. This is a great way to get alot of money if your doing the "future or time" cheat. Literally got enough $$$ for 29 floors in 1&1/2 day :D . Hope this helps you guys ...
Ash 10 yr ago x
You have to realize the problem with changing the date. It will COMPLETELY screw up your iPod/iPhone's time so unless you wish to do that, I suggest you play the old fashion way. If you have no patience to play (like I did before) what's the point of EVEN playing, right? And even if you ARENT stocking when you set your time back, youre not gonna sell anything until your current time catches up. For example, if you set it an hour ahead, stocked your items, then set the hour back, you're not selling ANYTHING for the next hour. Believe me, I tried it. I had about 50 floors, fully stocked levels, and...NO COINS cuz who wants to move the elevator all day. And my 'cheats' time was in the year of 2050. And glitches occur when you set the time, other time-sensitive games will be affected and bladablada blah. Jut play fairly. Do you REALLY need 500 floors in a day?
do60312 10 yr ago x
Ok...I'm sorry about the person who was tellin me they couldn't find it : u need to go to: cydia> manage> sources> edit> add

Then add this address:

Type that exactly right then search again for tiny tower hack 1.1. Sorry I couldn't get 2 u earlier! Please reply if there is any trouble.
do60312 10 yr ago x
Also, I totally agree with ash... Messing up the time on ur iPhone is probs not a good idea. :)
do60312 10 yr ago x
Also, just to throw I out there: pls download my theme I made for winterboard:

Tron Ultimate Theme

TinyTower 10 yr ago x
Yahoo... Found a way to faster coins created and floors built within minutes...
Solution! 10 yr ago x
So I have seen many people with the future problem. For example having to wait 9000 over days before the order arrives. Here's how to solve it. (works for me)
So if your tiny tower now tells you that you have to wait 1000 days(example, yours may be 50 days or 9000, depends) all you have to do is go to settings and go about 10 years later.(One year 365 days. If your game tells you 5000 days, 5000\365 days is about 15 years? Go forward that amount of years.)After that, you will see that your order is done in the game. Restock it and go to settings and move a year ahead. Go back to the game and you will find that everything is sold. You will see those little orange exclamation marks at the side. LEAVE IT LIKE THAT! do not click anything and go back to settings. Change it back to the real date and check the games again. You should find everything back to normal and you can order goods per normal again.
ash 10 yr ago x
i dont get y u can trade bux for coins but not coins for bux
Yankees  10 yr ago x
What happens when you destroy a floor?
Tiny tower 10 yr ago x
You can't destroy a floor. Only destroy the shop. So when you detroy it it will be an empty floor again.
Yankees 10 yr ago x
coby 10 yr ago x
thank you!!!!! that cheat works!!!!! the lobby trick still does not work however....... :(
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