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Tiny Tower free money bux cheats bitbook iphone/ipod game app

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coby 10 yr ago x
sorry that wouldnt send and then i figured out that it did! :P
admins 10 yr ago x
^^ don't worry, fixed :)
Yankees 10 yr ago x
Hey I got two Sub Shops
Viktor 10 yr ago x
The lobby cheat isn't a cheat. It's a hint or tip. The faster u get someone to their floor they'll tip u. Before some bitizen gets on the elevator keep tapping the lobby until the elevator rises. Get that bitizen to the floor they want as fast as u can and they might tip u a buck .
Livvy 10 yr ago x
Yay I'm so glad I found out about that whole 'future' cheat! It worked wonders :-)
The best thing I found was when you're trying to go back to the original date, make sure that all your shops are out of stock and that no floors are being constructed! You should be able to change the date and time back without stuffing up your tower :3
Jessica 10 yr ago x
hey, I tried the Solution, but when i go back to the present, my sales is superduperultramega slow :(
anyone experiencing the same problem?
Lily 10 yr ago x
Hey um chris i have an i phone 4 i do not understand your cheat
Todd 10 yr ago x
when you first start playing, you shouldn't have enough to buy the next floor. Not to worry. Just keep following the rules EXACTLY!!! If this doesn't work then just restart the game

IM ON MY 145th floor!!!
Kyle 10 yr ago x
When doing the time cheat do not be connected to the Internet. Gamecenter will notice the time change and not do leaderboards or update your tower online. Turn wifi off in the iPod settings and do the time cheat. You will have to change the time back to the exact moment the time should be on your iPod. I suggest that you connect your iPod to iTunes as it syncs the computer time to the iPod and then do the time cheat. Then turn the time back by using the time sync on the computer.
Lane2daman 10 yr ago x
You should be able to store VIPs in the lobby and elevators should cost a lot less
Nicole 10 yr ago x
@Jessica - yes, I am having the exact problem. Cannot make money after back to the future trick. :( Does anyone have a solution?
coby 10 yr ago x
i have the BEST elavator you can get and it is golden and costs 125 bux my tip is to not use cheats because then it ruins the whole game! then its not a just do what ever you want.
StepOnMe 10 yr ago x
Don't forget if you are changing the clock forward and backwards, which is better than always moving forward, you really should close the app each time you head over to settings. The game will get really screwy if you don't allow it to restart when you come back to the present.
problem 10 yr ago x
Hi, I tried the birthday cheat and so I changed the date in settings, went back to tiny tower and there were green lines all over the screen so thinking something went wrong I quickly changed the settings back to the actual date then went back to tiny tower and all my floors were out of stock! Did anyone have the same problem as me???
bulldog rosie 10 yr ago x
i know a really good cheat u just change the time on the ipod and it gives u heaps of money du
haley 10 yr ago x
i think that there should be a way to update and like on the bitbook!
no problem  10 yr ago x
By trying to do a cheat and failing I figured out a whole other cheat works really well. Just keep changing the day in settings (go into future) And it will give you a whole ton of coins. As long as you keep stocking and having things stocked it will work. I made over 1 000 000 in a few minutes. Just make sure when you go back to normal time that nothing is stocking!
Guest 10 yr ago x
I love love love love love love bitbook!!! I think that the idea of saving VIPS is a good idea and I do think that the money goes a little slow but it's veryy ADICTING so make some more games like this and I'll be fine!!
Guest 10 yr ago x
I wanna be able to be a bitten and live the life of it maybe be the manager IOC the tower but I reallly wanna like the statususes thou they are reallly funny!!!
LISTEN EVERYONE!!! 10 yr ago x
Yankees  10 yr ago x
I found a hint it's not really a cheat when the arrow shows u that someone is in the elevator keep taping the elevator until it goes up the quicker u bring a person to a floor the more chance they'll tip you a buck
Ethan 10 yr ago x
the date thing does work just if u have anything restocking dont set your date back or it will mess up the game. this happened to me but after a while it just returned to normal
do60312 10 yr ago x
I left a VIP in the lift within touching him for 32 hrs so I could instant build a floor! :)
Cheaty 10 yr ago x
Uhh guys when you do the time cheat, you can set your ipod back to normal by making sure there is no restoking floors then changing the time heaps into the future, e.g. 2036 and then click out of settings and then wait a couple of minutes then changing it back to normal date time hope this helped you guys! If you dont understand just comment
Hello 10 yr ago x
@yankees do you have to tap it or can you just hold it or is it better to tap?!!??!?!!?!?!?!
hihi 10 yr ago x
i wish you could use bit book
Yankees 10 yr ago x
Just keep tapping until u go up
Bored Housewife 10 yr ago x
I love TT. I have found that if I use Bux to speed up stocking or construction I get Bux faster (through tips). Every single time I have used Bux to speed stocking I have gotten at least 1 tip within the next 3 elevator trips & when I have used Bux to speed construction I have been able to place at least 1 bitizen in their dream job!
Bored Housewife 10 yr ago x
Is anyone else having trouble purchasing Bux? I've been trying for 3 days & each time I get a message saying that the store is currently unavailable?????
jose 10 yr ago x
I can earn 50,00 bitcoins from that future cheat in less than an hour. A lot less than an hour! I started playing about an hour ago, and I'm already on my 25th floor because I am rich. I keep going past 50,000. The birthday cheat is only working for one of my bitizens. Her birthday is on November 2nd, and I'm only get a towerbuck on her birthday. Nobody else's. Anyone want to help me?
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