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Tyler Smasher 10 yr ago x
@Bored Housewife: That's most likely an internet connection problem. Try reconnecting to a wireless LAN internet connection, or your home connection. It's best not to use a public connection from farther off to play this game. Use a home connection, and 3G can sometimes cause a problem when downloading and purchasing stuff.
the big hunk 10 yr ago x
@jose Please read this man. your birthday probably isn't working cause you've hacked with the future cheat too much and haven't reset it? you got that green line in restocks? Make sure you don't have anything restocking when changing back to present time, or going back in time. Or you'll screw stuff up. Don't worry, you can fix this. Say it says 9530 days in the future... Just go to January 1st 2038. Then your restocking should be finished. Fill your place with the stock, and then go back to your regular date. Then the birthday cheat should work again, because you can go back in to the future again. And BTW, some of the bitizens birthdays don't work. Sometimes you don't get a towerbuck on their birthday, but sometimes you do. Yeah it's just like that nobody really knows the true reason why.
do60312 10 yr ago x
Anyone interested in getting everlasting bux and coins: add this source if you have cydia:
Then search for "tiny tower hack 1.1" an install. Congrats! You bow have everlasting bux/coins. Reply if there are any problems...
do60312 10 yr ago x
God I do so many typos
spacer 10 yr ago x
dont cheat please it's really sad to see a bunch of cheaters. i like to play the game fair. i don't care if money is frikin slow. its better not to cheat. fine screw your apple product if you wish. i warned you.
lena 10 yr ago x
I love this app, definetly my favorite game. I wish you could customize your bitizens and move them into floors that you want to, like a group of certain people on a floor.
tony barbossa 10 yr ago x
loving that bitbook! so realistic and cool! does someone know any other cheats other than the future cheat and the lobby cheat and those download unlimited bux and coins ones. there are 3 i've seen so far, anymore?
BitByte 10 yr ago x
you're in luck man, i know just one more! i pulled it off the sleeve today. it's not about coins, it's about bux. but who cares? you can get coins from bux anyways! but there's a bad rate for that: anyways here's the cheat.
Steps are written below:
1. Build a new floor
2. Choose a category that a lot of your bitizens have as dream jobs.
3. Do the future cheat if you like to speed up the construction, it really helps.
4. Go back and check if this is one of your bitizen's dream jobs.
5. if it's not demolish it and try again. keep trying until you do get one of your bitizens dream jobs. the more bitizens who want that dream job, the more bux you get!
6. hire all the bitizens who want that exact job.
7. You should get 2 bux for each match.
You thought I was done? There's more! Step 8 and onwards gives you repeated bux! Yeah!
8. Fire all the bitizens from their dream job.
9. Re-Hire them to their dream-job and collect another 2-6 towerbux.
10. Keep firing and re-hiring them to their dream job to collect the bux! You'll be filled with them! YEAH!
so that's it. please read this and give a review on it if you have the time.

ESPECIALLY YOU TONY BARBOSSA! This cheat was 4 ur request. But, everyone is free to try it if they don't know about it. Cuz someone else probably has done this. I ain't the owner.
See you soon.
Keep checking for cheats from bitbyte! YEAH.
zakk maurie 10 yr ago x
it doesn't work. it just rehires them and you don't get bux. waste of time, don't try it!
orangebase 10 yr ago x
zakk it does work. you just have to do it on an older version. sorry buddy it only works on old versions. i tried it on my sisters updated ipod it doesnt work only on my old versioned one it works. it was fixed on the new one. dang u coulda been rich if u didnt update man!
DeeDee AnimalLov3r 10 yr ago x
hi its deedee and i'd like to make a protest about this seriously. i think ash and spacer were kinda right im serious. actually, they're totally right! cheating is a waste and bore! if ur gonna cheat guys, why play? its boring to cheat! its only fun to play the fair way. i used to cheat in this game, i'll admit, but it bored me. i didn't do any work. i just got free money, which made me do NOTHING. Cheating isn't even alright when u really need something. its so boring and takes the fun out. so listen to these words i'm speaking right now and stop cheating! after i figured out the game was boring when you cheat, i turned my time back to normal and never thought about cheating again. see, it was easy for me because i realized it was a bad thing. its a bad habit! dont do it! its boring and it makes you a bad sport. be a good sport and play the fair way and work the fun way. cheating is a bore. your not doing anythhing if you cheat. why play if your just gonna cheat your way through the game? Play the fun way! that's how i learned to play Tiny Towers now! I don't cheat in any games anymore because of this one thing that happened. take these words seriously, and not as a joke. is it really a joke? no! its truthful words from my heart. ;0 im shocked of all the cheaters still here today.
do60312 10 yr ago x
Jailbreaking doesn't stuff up u iPod it amakes it better.. If only more people could realize..
Fairy 10 yr ago x
Lobby cheat doesn't work.....cheats don't win!
Cheesylandlord 10 yr ago x
There is no lobby trick. As long as at least one floor is stocked, you keep gaining money. Great cheat: fully stock all/maximum floors, then set the date 5 days forward. Open tiny tower again, Tada! All ur stocking jobs r done and stores should be sold out. Set it forward another 5 days to empty everything (or else u stop making money altogether) and then back to the normal date. Repeat!
Jet man 10 yr ago x
This is My favorite game on my iPod touch
do60312 10 yr ago x
My favorite is either retro rev 2 or Mega jump.

SPAMSAM!!! 10 yr ago x
go on settings and change the year 1 year and the month on a bitizins b-day it get quicker bux and coins
DJ3 10 yr ago x
Everyone who says the future cheat doesnt work, is lying. ive gotten 92 floors because of that cheat. i used to have 50 million coins and i bought 20 some floors and i only used 20 mil. i also have over 1,500 bux. it does work you just have to do it right. and i only cheat when i need to. i love trying to be the best. and this cheat helps.
Yankees  10 yr ago x
Ha ha spacer if you dont wana cheat than why are u on here
coby 10 yr ago x
why are you all cheatin? you all are idiots! why dont you actually have fun playing the game???
MIMI 10 yr ago x
Love the idea of saving VIPs and I also find that as the game goes on it takes way too long to raise enough money to buy a new floor then way too long for the store on that floor to get built. Building floors is one of the main fun things about the game and in between building floors if all you're doing is stocking and taking people up the elevator and every now and then looking at bitbook messages (which I
@coby 10 yr ago x
Why are you on this forum? You are an idiot!!! Why don't you go play with your nebbish little geek friends?
Yankees  10 yr ago x
Get out of here @coby you F face
@Yankees 10 yr ago x
Dude I was agreeing with you. You need anger management.
MIMI 10 yr ago x
C'mon let us play the game the way we want to play it! If it bothers you so much that we cheat then stop coming to the website. To be honest it's a waste of your time. We don't tell you how to live your life so don't tell us how to either!
SPAMSAM!!! 10 yr ago x
i only cheat when you have to wait 5 or more days to build a floor and to create it!
HEY MIMI do you like donuts?
Caspar 10 yr ago x
If you want quick money, stock up as much floors as possible and buy as much stock as you can then back out of the app and go to general settings and then put the clock a day foward and go back to tiny tower and you should receive money and all floors will be ready to stock, then stock all floors and buy loads of stuff again and then put the clock forward again and keep repeating this over and over
cinta 10 yr ago x
mine doesnt have the date & time in settings ? :(
MIMI 10 yr ago x
cinta, it's in setting > general settings > date & time
and SPAMSAM!!! yes, I LOVE donuts ;D
MIMI 10 yr ago x
Don't you think it would be fair if the bitdudes could wonder around the tower, it might be a bit harder to find them but I think that prob could be fixed. Also would be cool they could leave the tower too and wonder around in streets that way they don't have to complain about not being able to leave the tower.
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