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Tiny Tower free money bux cheats bitbook iphone/ipod game app

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MIMI 10 yr ago x
LOVE the new elevator by the way, so much easier to get 'round
coby 10 yr ago x
yankees you're an idiot! and so are you whoever said that i have nebbish geek friends! im just saying you should try playing fair for once. you all are so mean.
coby 10 yr ago x
and yankees this is a forum. you dont have to start cussing.
Speckie 10 yr ago x
How do you get free money by cheats?
None 10 yr ago x
@coby let us cheat if we want to and ***

@Speckie READ!!!

edit admin: only on-topic from here on
Yankees 10 yr ago x
1 word to describe you coby ***

edit admin: only on-topic from here on
coby 10 yr ago x
what are the astriphs for guys? ***

edit admin: ON-TOPIC
Crispy 10 yr ago x
Not cool guys, not cool.
waffle 10 yr ago x
when do you get a tower bux for fully stocking a floor??

and one more thing: i reaally need a new elevator, i would love to buy the new one with 125 bux but it's hard to get 125 bux!!! i use the cheats to get things done but it's hella tiring.. it took me 4 days to get 75 bux cuz i don't really have time to keep up with the game.. restocking the floors, helping ppl with the elevator.. i just need something quick!! i tried to purchase bux but it won't work...
waffle 10 yr ago x
can you guys tell me how many floors | bitizens | coins | bux do you have?
Spence is bloody awesome 10 yr ago x
I'm board
Spence is bloody awesome 10 yr ago x
haaaaa nice name "waffle"
Omaly 10 yr ago x
How do u add friends.
matty  10 yr ago x
how do u get free tower bux without fast forwarding time
waffle 10 yr ago x
@spence is bloody awsome
waffle 10 yr ago x
@matty that's what i'm trying to ask...
Omaly 10 yr ago x
The game told me to download a game and it would give me a couple of bux. I downloaded it but I didn't get the bux. What should I do?
Yo people!! 10 yr ago x
Wat are you all arguing about!!! If you dont belive in people cheating thennwhy bother looking up this website looking up cheats and stop taking this game soooo seriously fo get a social life!!!! I know i play on this game but i dont ask and ask and ask about cheats!!!!! GET A LiFE!!!
????? 10 yr ago x
How do you get free bux??
Yankees 10 yr ago x
I got a brand new cheat that I just found out a minute ago, when the time comes for a bitzens birth day open up the game and when it says your bitzens name you earn a tower bux then don't press continue just close the app then open it again and you get another tower bux just keep closing the app and opening it again but don't ever press continue. FREE TOWER BUX BABY!
Elly 10 yr ago x
I have weird green lines on my screen and to hurry anything it cost like 5667 tower bux I think it's because I cheated by setting the date ahead. How do I get ride of them with out starting again?
Yankees 10 yr ago x
My birthday cheat only works for iPhone and iTouch not sure about iPad
Mxy 10 yr ago x
Birthday cheat totally works. A little slow-going if you're on an older iPhone, but it works. And if you time-traveled ahead to get to a birthday, same as with going ahead to get coin, just remember to 1) exit TT and 2) disconnect from the internet (airplane mode) _before_ you re-set your phone back to real time, 3) turn back on TT, THEN 4) reconnect to internet.

And to the snivelers above scolding us not to cheat - sorry, but it's this _game_ that's totally boring UNLESS you cheat. I got to 35 floors without cheating and realized that from there on out, there were absolutely no challenges and no rewards worth the amount of waiting time it would take. So the only challenge remaining was to learn how to accelerate the game. The alternative was to PAY REAL MONEY to get more Bux! I already bought $5 worth at the beginning - I should NEVER have to pay more than that to have a game optimize to maximum speed & enjoyment. Game companies trying to pull more than $5 out of you are just greedy and obnoxious. Unless they add more rewards within the game, once you get to the 3rd elevator, I see absolutely no ethical problem with just trying to figure out how to accelerate the game to maximize enjoyment.
Rockr 10 yr ago x
@deedee - what in blazes do you mean by "fair"? This game's rules are just completely made up by whoever wrote it, and it's not like the rules themselves are "fair" - they're just what they decided in order to motivate you to go buy more Bux with real money. In other words, not a game at all, but a money-vacuum. Like, how is it "fair" that you don't get rewarded for using the elevator without having to bounce it up & down to get to the right floor? It takes skill & practice, but the game's rules don't reward it at all. Not "fair", but the writers don't give a crap about that. How about every time you opened a Monopoly game box you had to pay the writers money in order to get better at it, or you had to play it more and more slowly, the longer you played it? That's how they designed Tiny Tower, and they did it on purpose to get you to buy more Bux with real money. They wrote the rules, so if you want to pay them more and more real money, fine, but this game is way more fun figuring out how to play it faster. In fact, the game has now changed: it's about figuring out new "cheats" that work as they try to catch up and shut them down so they can suck more money out of you because you're so bored. Of course, instead of "cheating" we could just stop playing, but where's the fun in that? Besides, nobody - N O B O D Y - is getting hurt by these cheats, and if nobody is getting hurt, then calling it "not fair" just means you don't understand what "fair" even means.
ng13245 10 yr ago x
What is the lobby cheat?
Mavis 10 yr ago x
Does anyone know why it only gives me the Fully Stocked floor $1bux sometimes but not every time? Also, I've unlocked some achievements lately but I don't know what that means or does. The Say Cheese achievement anyone??
samsam 10 yr ago x
does this cheats effect my other games?
maddog 10 yr ago x
here's a easy way to get free buxes press on a residental apartment and press a bitzen and it shows it's birthday date write on a piece of paper the date and go into settings and change the date to what you have writin down and then go back to tiny tower it will says it's someones birthday today so heres a a free bux so yea i got like 20 bux in one go :)
MIMI 10 yr ago x
Hey one question, I got to a point where I can keep on making floors but I can't build anything on them so i have like 5 empty floors. When I try to make something on the floor it says "No new floors of this type for your level". Does that mean I need to get better to build something on those floors? Or what? Tnx
@mimi 10 yr ago x
no, it just means nimblebit hasnt created enough floors. they only have 137 floor out right now so you have to wait until they make something new. i.e: Help Desk.
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