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Magic Zoo how to get free bolts cheats iphone/ipod game app

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guest 10 yr ago x
The latest update puts half your creatures asleep, they wake up if you pay 5 bolts for each of them. They also want 50 bolts for an additional breeding site. I wish you could get more bolts without paying real money.

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guest 10 yr ago x
Pretty fun but needs more decorations for coins and not so much for bolts. It said that my animal is too tired to produce coin. Requires 5 bolts to wake up is there another way? How to get more bolts anyway? Any cheats for this?
guest 10 yr ago x
I love Magic Zoo, fun app, wish that there were more fantasy creatures. Should be easier to get bolts. Too many creatures cost bolts.
Guest 10 yr ago x
If you don't want to pay five bolts to wake up your animal, just wait a day or so and the animal will wake up on itself.
Jls lover  10 yr ago x
I know it should be every level you up you should get 5 bolts then you could save up your bolts or pay so many coins for bolts cos I can not pAy real money for a game it's perfetick
Awesome Dude 10 yr ago x
i need cheats

ya actually jls lover is right
Guest 10 yr ago x
Well if you have the newest update one of the goals is to get the special offer for some cup of bolts or coins and in return you get some zombie animal that is not on sale in the regular game. So you press on the link and then it will ask you to confirm your purchase so just press cancel and then you get the creature
Fhjfd 10 yr ago x
Its really fun
Cheat  10 yr ago x
If you want to get bolts just. Go to settings and skip one day then get back on the game and 10 seconds later a bird whith a bolt will come
MAGIC ZOO 10 yr ago x
this game is fun but i had 100,000,000 bolts because i bought them then i updated it and i had to restart! those bolts cost 99.99
Dre 9 yr ago x
Somehow a couple of my creatures got overlapped. I can tell there are two when I collect the coins but I can't seem to move just one, they move together. Help!
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