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Ghost Harvest app free cheats/tips for candy iphone/ipod touch game

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guest 13 yr ago x
How can I play Ghost Harvest with FaceBook? Also this game needs more space to build graves.

tags: crash fix, candy, cheats, ipad, help
guest 13 yr ago x
I like this game since you don't need to get out and get neighbors. Sometimes it's too easy the battles should be more challenging and it would be nice to be able to move the ghosts around during battle. I wish candy wasn't so expensive. Every time we go up a level we should get a free candy!!
guest 13 yr ago x
You have to buy a lot of candy or you will lose a lot of ghosts. They will die when you are trying to defend. Overall great app :) Please fix the crashes at the loading screen!
guest 13 yr ago x
To get power ups is cheaper than most games. But how do u expand your cemetery? I'm level 8.
Jojo 13 yr ago x
Your cemetery will expand its self after you reach certain levels. It only goes up to level 25 tho
guest 13 yr ago x
fortunately,the robots are very strong~~~But I also want free candy......
Candy for FREE 13 yr ago x
There is a way to edit your candy, ghosts and other properties.. Without your iPhone jailbroken!
On Windows, you'll need 2 apps: iPhone Explorer, to view the contents of your apps and games installed on it, and pList editor, to properly edit plist files (mac proprietary format files):

- Start the iPhone Explorer program and browse to "" folder, under "Apps" node;

- open the "Documents" folder;

- copy the "user_profile.plist" file to somewhere in your computer (I.e. Drag it to your desktop)

- now, start the pList editor program and open the file you've just copied;

- look for a session named "Candy" and change the number below it to whatever quantity of candies you think you deserve!!!

- save the file and copy it again to your iPhone using iPhone Explorer (simply drag the file edited from desktop (or wherever you saved it) to the "Documents" folder and it will be automatically updated)

- close the programs, restart the Ghost Harvest app on your iPhone and.. VOILÁ! Candies FOR FREE!!!

PS1: close your game on iPhone before starting this tutorial (pressing and holding the Home button on iPhone for a while and, when icons start shaking, tap the close button over the Ghost Harvest icon);

PS2: if you get a error message ("File or directory not found.") when browsing on iPhone Explorer, go to "Edit -> Preferences" menu and simply accept the opened dialog (clicking on "OK" button) and browse to "" folder again.. Keep trying this until it works..
Bay 12 yr ago x
How to get iPhone explorer and plist editor?
Solo 12 yr ago x
Wait is that free candy thing legal?
Mummy chick  12 yr ago x
It goes up to lvl 28 ;) I'm in lvl 26
Mummy chick 12 yr ago x
Any1 in lvl 26 too;)
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