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Eternity Warriors free gems cheats iphone/ipod game app

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guest 13 yr ago x
Great game overall, you buy armor and weapons and level up. It's like Gun Bros. Please add bows and multiplayer.

tags: GLU, gun bros, armor, coins, money, ipad, multiplayer, crashes, glitch, wave, weapons, guns, level up
guest 13 yr ago x
Is there a way to exchange coins to gems? Or a way to get free gems? I also wish the premiums were cheaper or gems were easier to get.
guest 13 yr ago x
Level Up! I love a game that rewards playing time with the ability to level up and customizable weapons/armor! You don't have to spend money in-app.
guest 13 yr ago x
This game almost always crashes!! Please fix this. Every time i play a Glu game and do a mission the app will crash.
harsh 13 yr ago x
i want to get free gems in entity warriors game
as it is very difficult to get coins so think how more difficult it would be to get gems.
can some1 tell me the cheats to get free gems
Jaypee 13 yr ago x
Eternity warrior is awesome, I can buy awesome gears for my warrior

Can you guys tell me how to get free gems!
Tehninja 13 yr ago x
İ found a way, if you log into game center when it asks you to it gives gems and prizes, if you go to date and time fAstforward your gonna have gems and more and more :)
lol 13 yr ago x
watch vids, complete wave: 10,20,30 open the cache and sometime there will be gems in it
DhaosGhost 13 yr ago x
awesome game, but its ridiculous how many gems you need to get odin armor (450x3) or the super hammer...
DhaosGhost 13 yr ago x
either way, you can add me, I'll accept anyone gamertag DhaosGhost (gamecenter)
monkeybrain187 13 yr ago x
This Game is super Amazing. But i wish there was an easier way to getting the GEMS. does anyone know how?
Marcus 13 yr ago x
30 gems is free when you write a review with 5 stars... :) just got mine. woot woot!
ghost 13 yr ago x
Add me in eternity warriors its anthony and is there a way to get free gems
Metalchili 13 yr ago x
Add me in Game Center for Eternity Warriors clans. I will accept everyone.

GC: Metalchili11
meret17 13 yr ago x
Add me meret17
Konami 13 yr ago x
Add me gc: K0nami
Roycz 13 yr ago x
Add roycz please
Treebark432 13 yr ago x
Add me treebark432
Panther333 13 yr ago x
Panther333. Please Add.

Treebark432 13 yr ago x
Hey everyone this is treebark432 and if u sent me a friend request and I'm not ur friend within 12hrs then send another becuz I might have ignored it
Cc 13 yr ago x
go to tavern, click invite friends, click game center, then cancel out, 50 coins...repeat

only let's you do it about 5x tho... show me da gems! >_
DoubleDood 13 yr ago x
simple gem glitch ...
turn off Wi-Fi
turn on the game ... go to bank or shop
then watch the video which gives 1 gem
after watching the video
go to settings -> General ->Date & Time -> Set Date &Time then go back 1 day.
turn the game on and watch the video again...
Add me if u want DoubleDood
luther001 13 yr ago x
add me luther001
zeke 13 yr ago x
add me reggie1645 all one word no capitals and no spaces i'll accept anybody need all the help i can get
thank you
Tkerbag 13 yr ago x
Invite me Tkerbag
Pilkdogg03 13 yr ago x
Add me pilkdogg03
Oliver 13 yr ago x
I am trying to find out how to add people to my clan? Is this still a issue for android phones?
Add me 13 yr ago x
Add me. Mtdewi
SigEpHunter 13 yr ago x
Add me SigEpHunter
Yourskeptic 13 yr ago x
Add me - yourskeptic
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