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Happy Theme Park iphone cheats free bucks ipod touch game app

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Mrmorph2001 8 yr ago x
For the pirate ship quest just sell it and buy it again! Hope this helps :)
guest  8 yr ago x
there is a way to revive your ride with out paying one buck
cuz I pay 0 buck to revive it
you need to have the app ifile and u need to go to applications and then go to happy theme park then when ur in it u go to happy theme park .app and u need to open it with text viewer and go to where it says revive cost then edit it and Chang that 1 to a 0
hope it helps
Mrmorph2001 8 yr ago x
Is it worth the money for that ifiles app though cus it's 2.50?
Happy Theme Parker 8 yr ago x
Is there any way of getting free bucks easily?? Plz help ;)
Kiwi 8 yr ago x
The weird merry go round with the egg and the Canadian roller coaster both also have great pay outs in coins. Has anyone else found another good pay out??
Emailaddrs 8 yr ago x
To get marketing campaigns. Click on more info. This will give you arrows to add campaigns. It's a pain because it will only add one per click but it works
Wwwwww 8 yr ago x
You can buy a soda stream, or what they call it. Then sell it, you Will earn 3000 coins (almost, i have not count it) ;-)
bodman 8 yr ago x
how do you get bucks
bbbbbbb 8 yr ago x
how do you get bucks
Cory  8 yr ago x
You can buy and then resale the pop machines for more money then you buy them for
Paypay 8 yr ago x
I'm trying to get a marketing campiagn and the game shows the words then they dissaper pls help?
Paypay 8 yr ago x
If u click buy more in bucks it'll come up and then it will say get free bucks and it'll list a couple games you can get and earn some bucks
Savvy 8 yr ago x
Yes I have trouble connecting to the server WHAT DO I DO LLEASE HELP ME ! I'm sooo addicted to this game ad it's not working haha
Tony 8 yr ago x
With I phone 4s. Even when I turn off Internet I'm connected through 3G so the coin trick doesn't work can some offer advice
Gralissa 8 yr ago x
How do I get to be able to change the building in the first territory...I can't tap on it, does nothing. Also joined origin and didn't receive the free jolly roller coaster...why, what did I do wrong?
Shen 8 yr ago x
I bought the welcome package with pirate ship. I got the tickets but not the ship. Pls help how to claim.
Smithy 8 yr ago x
I have nine parks open and im on level 43 all the other parks say territory is locked how do u open more park please can u give me more information as i cant go any further
Lauren245 8 yr ago x
None of you helped me
Cohn 8 yr ago x
Hey there are request that needs doing on my theme park and I don't know how to do them one, it's asking my to upgrade 10 shops? Two, empty trash cans? Can you plz tell me how. Thank you
Shen 8 yr ago x
I bought 70 tickets, i was billed but i didn't get the tickets. Pls help.
Tay 8 yr ago x
To buy a pirate ship its like 65 bucks nd i dont have that many what do i do
Blob 7 yr ago x
I can get you millions for freee !!!!
Kim 7 yr ago x
How do you repair rides I can't seem to be able to do this thank
Laura 7 yr ago x
how do you repair rides and also how do you hire a wing man?
4p 7 yr ago x
how do you clear the rocks from the new areas?!?!?!?! plz help!!!!
xXLOLDAXx 7 yr ago x
Just get the config file guys. And change (eg) 4 bucks (ur money) into 99999999 bucks. Btw in case ur wondering there is a config file for everything com related.
ThemeParker 7 yr ago x
Hi everyone, on the game there is a mission that says you need to repair 5 rides, i dont know how to do that. Is there a certain level required? (im on level 21)
ThemeParker 7 yr ago x
@4p You go to the clear are with the white picket fence and you click on it and choose a theme.
Cherish03 7 yr ago x
some of my tasks are to repair rides but I don't know how to I'm on level 33?
Help ?
swiss 7 yr ago x
i'm on level on level 45 and it's still not possible to repair rides...

and i have no more space to build anything... is it possible to open the other terretories without spending and buying super tickets?
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