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Happy Theme Park iphone cheats free bucks ipod touch game app

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A Pissed off Player of Theme Park 7 yr ago x
Nonee of this works i need help on that coin thing it doesnt work i tried over a million times and nothing pops up.! Abt no internet im using a iphone 3gs .!! Help please
kayley. 7 yr ago x
what does it mean update fully a ride/shop, ive clicked on it and updated but the quest is still there?&im also stuck it saying 'build a pirate boat' but i dont have enough tickets (65) to get that? help
Mee3 7 yr ago x
To repair a ride click on it ride it and keep the bar in the red for a little while then a spanner will appear click that to can I invite friends??
Cam 7 yr ago x
Hi on theme park I turned wifi off to do the cheat and it says no Internet and it won't even let me view my park please help
JohnDope 7 yr ago x
there is a chance you can collect all the money at once? instead of having to press all the rides?
Guests  7 yr ago x
How do I get handy man?
srich 7 yr ago x
The trick about getting money does not work,......
To get a ride fixed,..just tap on the ride and let the guest enjoy the ride, but keep it in red and soon a spanner will appear on top. Click the spanner and it will repair the ride.
To upgrade a ride ....If youhave enough money,....just tap the ride and clik upgrade.....upgrade 3 times and it is fully upgraded....
okevin 7 yr ago x
Is there any free coin tricks that actually work on the iPod?
Jigsaw 7 yr ago x
Help when i buil all staff don't start the cowntdown and the only way to finish is with super tikets how to solve?
Joshua 7 yr ago x
I want to upgrade my park house thing
But i need to hire a wing men where can i find him?
DarkbladeR89 7 yr ago x
I dont know any cheats but if you need free xp just go to a friend then leave, some trash cans will be full. For more cash make the jumpy house thing and the french fries place upgrade each to three for more cash, look at mine for help.

Origin: darkblader89

hope this helps, remember this ea they will never give anything out for free and will want as much money as possible so all rides are over priced to make you pay for stuff.
DarkbladeR89 7 yr ago x
I think i just found an easy way for bucks!

All you do is type in a friends name on origin but more will pop up just friend them all.

I had 16 bucks now i have 26 hope this helps. Sorry for posting twice.
Maartenvdl 7 yr ago x
What does That % means? I have A- 8%
Krys 7 yr ago x
How do you pay the staff? PLEASE HELP!!
Ezy 7 yr ago x
Add me in theme park plz
Mrdaz90 7 yr ago x
Ride repair just click on the ride, we're you can interact to play the ride keep playing it till bar is red and keep going it will pop up saying repair

Hope that helps
Curly105 7 yr ago x
You need to overuse your rides to repair them. Tap or spin a ride until the happiness bar is red. Then there will be a wrench button. Then the ride is repaired.
Sondz 7 yr ago x
When I first started the game I had the pirate ship in the attractions list, but now it's completely gone and my quest is to build it?! Has this happened to anyone?
Marcus 7 yr ago x
How do you pay staff salaries? I'm stuck please help!!
Chuck 7 yr ago x
How do you pay staff salaries in theme park?
Pop123 7 yr ago x
I have started this game theme park but the only ride i have is the boncy castle and thats not making any money is there any way that i can get some more money?????
abby 7 yr ago x
how do you pay staff salaries?
Ricky 7 yr ago x
The app just stopped opening after a couple of days of playing. What can I do?
taz 7 yr ago x
How do u pay staff salaries?
Jenny 6 yr ago x
What do you do with the castle at the front gate? I have unlocked both east and west wings but won't let me do anything.
vondiesel11 6 yr ago x
I know how to repair a ride : click on the ride and tap th icon at the bottom left of the screen to animate the manege. tap until the ride is broken. after press the icon repair. done!
Lili Kelli  6 yr ago x
How can I open a new territory with Super Tickets?
Bianka 6 yr ago x
I need some buks but I don't want to pay soo I need a cheat
Mike 6 yr ago x
If you want to level up fast do the action on you very fast make temper red\high and it will break then press the repair button on top of the ride and you will get some red flags and the will puke and press it and you will get money easy
Shell 6 yr ago x
Hi just looking for some cheats or tips, but I guess people to add to my game wont hurt.. not sure how to do this, but heres me, shellwadend I think thats it.. cant find it in the game or at least I dont know how duh.
add me shellwadend
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