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Top Girl iphone cheats free cash energy ipod touch game

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guest 8 yr ago x
Being a girl does not consist of shopping, flirting and clubbing! There is only 1 job: a model. Really?? There should be several careers to choose from. Flirting should not cost money and earning cash shouldn't be so impossible.

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guest 8 yr ago x
It could be a lot better with less of the clothes for dollars and more for coins. People seem confused about how to get hotter. What does closet size mean? Does the hairspray last forever?
guest 8 yr ago x
Update please! We need to get energy faster! It takes too long! Any cheats for free cash??
guest 8 yr ago x
This game is free but charges real money. My daughter spent over $50 on my iTunes account and it never asked for a password.
guest 8 yr ago x
you cant get cash!!!!!!! only coins!!!!!!!!
guest 8 yr ago x
r u kidding me if u want to get cash and coins go to settings up 2 hours so u can keep working until ur energy runs out after u complete every task fully u get cash not to mention a ton of coins
libby 8 yr ago x
I need 3 more hotness to be able to work at the last level of floor 2,i need 7 cash but dont have any money in my account ARGH!!
TheAnswerToYourQuestion 8 yr ago x
1. to get energey to do jobs and get coins just simply use all your energy and then go to your settings on your i pod, i phone,or i pad then go under general. Then change the date to a different date... that way the game detects its a different day so your energy is full right way. Now some of you are probally thinking well then it wouldnt work when its really the next day... all you have to do is do it again and again....and you wont have a problem because you can change the year to....Hope this helps!
guest 8 yr ago x
about the one i said before about changing time to two hours ahead it goes the same for energy
Magy 8 yr ago x
geeky 8 yr ago x
I know a cheat instead of waiting 4 your energy to refill change the time in your ipod a couple hour and bam refilled change the date to if you want it works like a charm
Cheatmeister 8 yr ago x
All you gotta do is jailbreak, then download cyapp iFile and browse to var/mobile/applications/TopGirl/documents/user_info.json, open in text viewer. Find where it says currency_soft_seeded and change the number to the right of it to change your coins. Look through this file to change many other aspects of the game.
guest 8 yr ago x
listen only change hours and when you get to 1 am go to top girl then click three it sounds complicated but watver dont change the day cause every time u do u lose ur boyfriend
Maddy12347 8 yr ago x
Top Girl iPhone app money cheat

Hi guys there is a cheat to refill your energy on top girl just change the time 2 hours forward and you can work again hop it helps!!!
sandy135  8 yr ago x
How do u jailbreak ur ipod??
Chica 8 yr ago x
It really works to get quick cash and money by completing the jobs if u do change the time on your iPhone. You only have to switch b/t am and pm for it to work and u won't lose your boyfriend. However don't try to get ahead on gifts and kisses bc it will keep adding up the tone when u go back to real time. Now it's like 19 hrs before I can kiss and 600 min before a chat. But I have enough money to keep adding to his manliness at the club. And u can do this so much you max out the quests and it calls u a "fashionista"
Snooki 5139 8 yr ago x
All you need to do is go to your settings switch you time to a.m. Go back to top girl then go back to settings switch your set automatically back on go back to top girl and you energy should be full again.... Thx
Randumm 8 yr ago x
I need 140 maniless 4 da boyfriend thing but i dont hav any cash (NOT COINS) to buy clothes to unlock level 5 in club zen i need a FREE way to earn CASH
Please tell me
livvy 8 yr ago x
my quest says to go on a date with my boyfriend for at least 1 day. how do i do that? please answer!
Spikey 8 yr ago x
That jailbreak cheat doesn't work my coins just go back to the way they were
Cheater 8 yr ago x
An Alternative to jailbreak is to download iphone explorer onto your pc. You can then open up the topgirl app in iphone explorer. then find documents/user_info.json, open in text viewer. Find where it says currency_soft_seeded and change the number to the right of it to change your coins. Look through this file to change anything.
I find it best to drag the json to my desktop and open from there.
happy amii 8 yr ago x
'' date your boyfriend for at least 1 day!'' how can i do that?
Stupid 8 yr ago x
To date for a day you simply pick a guy and date him for 24 hours. So if you started seeing him at 9am you should not break up with him until after 9am the next day. Easy!!
Shaunie 8 yr ago x
I'm stuck on Top Girl where I need more cash, I'm at a level where I increased my boyfriends manliness but I can't work because I don't have enough hot clothes to work now, is there an effective cheat for Cash?
Kellz 8 yr ago x
I'm stuck on increasing closet size to 75? Please help?????
Gianna373 8 yr ago x
I'm stuck at closet size 96 and there are no more close to buy with coins and I have 3 cash!!!!
Princezz 8 yr ago x
Kellz and gianna373 i know! Thats happening to me too, i had to keep getting new boyfriends and getting gifts off them but i want a quicker way, :/
E 8 yr ago x
To cheater person. How do you open the file? When i double click on the file it opens blank. Are you sure this works..
Kellz 8 yr ago x
I figured it out u gotta get a boyfriend that gives u 10 closet clothing but I need a boyfriend with 140 manliness now.. I'm stuck again
Cheater 8 yr ago x
Reply to E
Which file is empty when you open it? Yes this cheat definitely works. Sometimes iphone explorer takes a couple of tries to recognise everything. Not sure why. Just close and try again. If your talking about the json when you open it in a text viewer you might be having trouble with the text viewer program. I use 'Altova XML Spy' that one will work for you. Good luck :)
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