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CityVille Hometown iphone cheats free cash neighbors friends ipod game

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guest 8 yr ago x
Just like cityville on facebook :) But how do you move things around because I can't drag the items? Community buildings either cost a lot of the earned coins, or actual money (bucks) that you have to buy through the game. Or by adding friends as neighbors to the game, but I don't want to annoy my Facebook friends with those notifications.

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guest 8 yr ago x
Why do you NEED to have friends if you want to play? Also, energy should replenish faster than 5 minutes! How can I add my facebook friends that play this game? The app says I don't have friends?
guest 8 yr ago x
It takes a while for expansions and energy fill ups. There should be a way to become neighbors with the other people playing this game that don't use facebook. My opinion on this game: difficult to place buildings and not easy to find neighbors.
Aggressive  8 yr ago x
My hometown doesnt give me bonus when I visit my neighbors. It also won't let me collect energy gifts
Guest 8 yr ago x
I downloaded Cityville on my iPod touch and I don't have a Facebook but I need friends/neighbors to complete my goals.... Help me please!!
tylas 8 yr ago x
how do i hire Luisa at the general store?
Jasmine 8 yr ago x
When you buy a store a store then it asks who you want to hire
Renee 8 yr ago x
How do I get to the edit mode to change workers in a store?
Abbie  8 yr ago x
I have -50 goods and it wont let me tap on buildings so im not progressing its so hard and i have tried to harvest more veg but it still wont work !! Help
myiah 8 yr ago x
i have 3 friends that help me on this app. its two that are actually like cityville people and 1 thts an actual friend on facebook but sometimes u need more then 3 friends to hire so i use money. how do you get more money without paying to get money?
guest 8 yr ago x
Is there a cheat on how to get More money on Cityville Hometown for iPhone/iPod touch?
Epic person347  8 yr ago x
I don't want to by any bucks cause it's a watse but I need them can anyone help me???
Michaela 8 yr ago x
Why can't this app see my Facebook friends who also have app it's stupid! I can't do anything its irritating. How do I get neighbors?
willmeg 8 yr ago x
I employed the wrong person at the candy store, how can i change that?
Jamie Burchell 8 yr ago x
please add me for cityville ipad!!!!!! Totally addicted
hima 8 yr ago x
its awsome game. in 7 days i m at lvl31.
Reecew94 8 yr ago x
I'm playing cityville hometown on my iPhone 4 and it says I have no Facebook friends and also I cannot see my gifts that I received - where do I find them? -.-'
Claire H 8 yr ago x
This app is aggravating because I can't do anything because I can't get energy fast enough! Does anyone know a glitch and/or cheat that could help get me more energy quicker?!
CH 0214 8 yr ago x
Add me to ur neighbor!!!!
Dawn r 8 yr ago x
I have to hire Hugo at the candy store but he isn't an to complete this to unlock tavern so I can complete that game for train but moves to slow....wish it was
more like the PC version
Erica 8 yr ago x
Add me as your neighbor!!!!
Mj 8 yr ago x
How do I add you as my neighbor??
hullo 8 yr ago x
is there any reason why after putting my community buildings in inventory and rebuilding them again, i can no longer collect from them? also, cityville hometown keeps telling me to build more community bldgs even if i have everything already and even doubled up on police station, fire dept, and post office.
Happy Valley 8 yr ago x
@ Dawn R, just hit menu-the bottom edit icon-hit the candy store-hit the pencil-change workers and add Hugo. If Hugo is not available, you may have him working at another store. Just follow the steps in each store.
Happey Valley 8 yr ago x
@ hullo, I striggled with the same issue after placing items in inventory. However, I notice if you place them form inventory, you can log out and go into another app and log back in and the building will be back to normal. I an not sure of the needing new community buildings issue yet. I am encountering the same issue.
Happey Valley 8 yr ago x
Does anyone know why I keep getting booted off when I go to visit friends? It is preventing me from completing goals. I contacted Zynga, and they guided me to press on the icon until it shakes, delete it and then reinstall it. However, it pops up a message after deleting it I will loose everything. Zynga says I will not. I did it on another game I rarely play to be sure, and it deleted all my info. Is there another way to troubleshoot this issue?
Peckmom3 8 yr ago x
Where is Hugo's house? Quest says to visit Hugo's house and I've visited all the houses and none of them were Hugo. When I tap on Hugo on the quest screen it says "help I'm stuck in a tree" which tree?
Momma23 8 yr ago x
You can't hire Hugo because he's working some place else! Find out where he is working (go to menu then the move button, click on a building and then the pencil it will tell you who is working there) once you find out where Hugo is working switch him out! Go to the candy store and hire him!
Lisa 8 yr ago x
I have to build an htu building, but which building is it?
davban78 8 yr ago x
Cannot sync Cityville to my new iphone. No trouble w/ my other apps. When I switch sim card back to old phone, I'm exactly where I left off. When I transfer it to my new phone (also, after syncing), I have to start all OVER!!! I just spent forty bucks on new land, aaarrrgghhh!!!!

Any suggestions???
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