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Deadlock: Online iphone free cheats unlock points ipod touch game app

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Kmamales 6 yr ago x
Enter my share code for 2 points
Kmamales 6 yr ago x
Pavel 6 yr ago x
How do you get a code in deadlocks I started with nothing I don't even have my own code so I can play online

For iPad
Pavel 6 yr ago x
If you now shut to do pleas send me a text in facebook my name is pleas help me
derek 6 yr ago x
hey add do my unlock code 4e2cc637ac869
Johngoo12 6 yr ago x
Hay I found this code that gave me 10 unlock points it's 4E9CAE1EAE400 I used it and it worked :D also if u want to help me out use my code tho it gives you 2-points but I also get 2-points also it's 4ED2E51C7F12L happy hunting.
Eli t 11 6 yr ago x
Any one know how to get all guns
Eli t 11 6 yr ago x
I am new to this game :) nice meeting y'all
Eli t 11 6 yr ago x
Who plays MW3 I do AWESOME any one hack I hope why it won't let me play online it says anavalible at this time
killa 6 yr ago x
mine is :4E2B7C5268955
bob 6 yr ago x
i can only unlock a code once can any one tell me y
Elie 6 yr ago x
when i want to share this game on facebook they tell me. : error ......blablabla even when i want to play it online !!!!!!!
Josh 6 yr ago x
Add me please

Black lavender 6 yr ago x
Add me gizmonite2000 I haven't used my share code it is 4EF1555063A8C
Hazza99 6 yr ago x
This is my code you get heaps of money if you do it so do it and you can win big
Hazza99 6 yr ago x
My code to unlock heaps and you unlock heaps cause I did a cheat and the code is 4ef2c7344b66f
OrrsomeJake 6 yr ago x
hey guys can you enter this code plz you will get 2 points :
B3AR F1GHT3R 6 yr ago x
My share code is 4EF0106E87E98
FinalSpark 6 yr ago x
Use this share code for free unlock points ^^ 4EFOD7C869C27
onlinelocker 6 yr ago x
to get 10 unlock points click on share and type 4e5g9db3d65. it will give u 10 unlock points if it doesnt send me a email. Thank you.
onlinelocker 6 yr ago x
srry wrong email Thank you
hardyharhar 6 yr ago x
add me up..
Chivas119 6 yr ago x
can anyone help. mine says finding game but doesnt says joining game instead it takes me to this place were it says waiting for players, i am new..anyone help please thank you. my code is 4EE172830C129 feel free to use it:))
Timmy0521 6 yr ago x
No codes sorry
But here is a cool tip wait until 11:25pm wherever you live and enter your code you made or found. Then at 12:25 enter another code
Add me on game center:
€ro 6 yr ago x
My code:
tarquine99 6 yr ago x
im good but when u put ur mne to u can better than me add me guys my names is tarquine99
Jake 6 yr ago x
I just downloaded this games how do u play it
Jake 6 yr ago x
How do u play with people
Kiri 6 yr ago x
I entered a code and got 2 free unlock codes but after that I cant add more unlock codes, so please add Me: 4EF4A91DD9DC8
--Y0-- 6 yr ago x
heey take this and get two free ponts to spend on anything!!
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