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Deadlock: Online iphone free cheats unlock points ipod touch game app

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Kody 6 yr ago x
Add me on dead lock 4514C543EDDD7
I11SeeUinHe11 6 yr ago x
why do people keep writing add me and then an unlock code? by typing in an unlock code, your not adding someone. jeez
tefo 6 yr ago x
clwhy ..? u cant put a code dayli if i already put a code i can not do it again or whut.

plz help me....??
tefo 6 yr ago x
add me 4f1b4829a4c15
Nick 6 yr ago x
Type in 4f2ee4afdd43e for 2 free unlock points!!!
Tanya 6 yr ago x
Cheat codes for frountline commando??? Anyone
F I C K A 6 yr ago x
wow add this code is glitched and gives 10points instead of 2
guest 6 yr ago x
my code for 10points is glitched
guest 6 yr ago x
you can only do it once
help 6 yr ago x
When I try to put the code it always says "error submitting code". I tried to shut off and do it again but did't work. Could any body tell me how to unlock all the guns.
Please thank you.
dafgasdv 6 yr ago x
how come you can't by the points i already have the game hack
dfgdsdfg 6 yr ago x
add me 4F47009D24EE7
CEREALL 6 yr ago x
add me: 4EF13EO312A34
Nicky Chen 6 yr ago x
Some of you guys ask can we get points daily or once a day. The answer to this question is your get points once a day well not really. Each person gets a new code everyday. So ask your friends what is your code.
By the way add me on Game Center, name is nomnom2121
Nicky Chen 6 yr ago x
Who ever said that they typed in their code and said error. It means that there is something wrong with your code or it means your already redeemed it.
From nomnom2121
palmartian 6 yr ago x
add me...


Add me 6 yr ago x
Add me 6 yr ago x
Sorry try this one
Sexi bitch_808 6 yr ago x
I need helpUnlocking password to download apps on an iPod touch
palmartian 6 yr ago x
Anthony  6 yr ago x
How u get points
😉😉😉😉😉€ 6 yr ago x
Pleaassssseeeeeeee put this code where it says, "enter code" this code-   4f53b32abcd3d
Leewenbing 6 yr ago x
Unkown 6 yr ago x
Do anyone have any cheats or hacks? Come on people!
Nick 6 yr ago x
Add my 4F6891419A946 ill add urs
Kleptomaniac 6 yr ago x
whenever i try to play online in deadlock, it says it can't log in at this time. can someone help meh?
kleptomaniac 6 yr ago x
i dont even have a share code and it says error submitting code when i submit a code. do i need to make an account or something?
Cool dude 6 yr ago x
Here is my unlock code : 4F6CBDDC1SE2E
PullMyFinger 6 yr ago x
4f7743bfbaa4c please add my code!
Shut up a freaken earn the points
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