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Bunny Shooter Free Game iphone cheats walkthrough level 35 game app

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guest 10 yr ago x
I don't like the idea of shooting bunnies!! Bad game!! Ok but fortunately no real bunnies are hurt. I am having difficulties with level 35 any suggestions please?

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guest 10 yr ago x
Better than angry birds and has more levels. Anyone finished world 3 level 22? I play this game more than Angry Birds :)
guest 10 yr ago x
I am also having troubles, level 59 world 2. Anyone finished this one?
bunny shootin' fool  10 yr ago x
I can't beat level 56 world 3. Help, please?
guest 10 yr ago x
Absolutely...Level 59 world do you go with that??
QUINNSICLES 10 yr ago x
QUINSILCES 10 yr ago x
Katya 10 yr ago x
I need help with level 53
Trock 10 yr ago x
I need help on part 3 #56. I have been trying to pass this crazy thing now for two weeks maybe longer! Can anyone PLEASE PLEASE help me!!!
Thatswhatidowhenidoit 10 yr ago x
I need to pass level 60 on world 3. But how?!?!?!?! I can't figure it out! Help me!!! It's killing me!!!!!
tommy 10 yr ago x
how the hell do yu pass level44 on would 1
Kelly 10 yr ago x
I can't pass level 41 world 3. Can anyone help please
Jennifer 10 yr ago x
I'm having trouble with level 41 world 3 as well. I've been at it for a few hours over the last few days! Anyone get this one? Even 1 star?
Rodger Rabbit 10 yr ago x
I am stuck on world 3 level 41. I understand that you need to get the arrow to bounce off the ice to get the weight to land on the sea saw to set off the bomb, but how do I slow the ball down so it can kill the bunnys?
Eske 10 yr ago x
Same here. World 3 level 41. I tried dislodging the sticks over the bomb and shooting the ball directly. It doesn't budge. But once, the bottom ball jumped over the lower anvil and almost jumped on the second bunny.
Kat 10 yr ago x
I'm also stuck on World 3 Level 41. Please help! Been at it for a few day.
Bananas  10 yr ago x
Aaaahhhhhh I'm going nuts with level 41 world 3 help
Guest 10 yr ago x
I think there are differences between android and iPhone. The bombs on iPhone seem more powerful so on this level moves the ball too quickly.
Bananas 10 yr ago x
So now what?? Has anyone with an iPhone Completed the level?
Guest 10 yr ago x
I have a iPhone and been tryingto do level 41 w3 and I can't. The balls move to fast. Has anyone with a iPhone passed it?
Pantingwolf 10 yr ago x
I have not had any luck either.
Dangerb87 10 yr ago x
I hate level 41 on my iPhone 3 days no luck
Bananas  10 yr ago x
Something's messed up with level 41-3
saurabh 10 yr ago x
same problem... just fed up by trying and playying 1000 times to clear up 41 level of world 3... How to clear this level ... any hint ???
AmyK 10 yr ago x
How do you pass level 41 world 3 on bunny shooter?!? Obviously someone has made it through, because someone is asking about level 56-60 world 3!! HELP PLEASE! There is nothing on YouTube!
johno 10 yr ago x

ive been stuck on this level for like a week, i ve got 3 stars on all of them except this one, the only way i could slow the ball down was to hit the first stick above the bomb so when the bomb goes off it hits the ball different, if you get lucky itl go down but for some reason it didnt kill all of them when i done it and left one alve, thats the closest ive got tho.
Aj 10 yr ago x
The way I got through level 41 in world 3 was by using the finger of doom (the gold ring bottom of right side of screen) on iPhone app. Nothing else worked
Kurtles 10 yr ago x
Anyone for world 3 level 58? It looks like there may be a glitch that prevents the trampoline from sliding where it's supposed to go.
Chrissy 10 yr ago x
Level 41 in world 3 can be done using one arrow. Shoot the arrow at the anvil so that it bounces off and shatters the glass above holding the bowling ball. when the bowling ball falls it catapults the other bowling ball into the bomb and proceeds to kill all the bunnies. I cannot get past world 3 level 58 i cant get the trampoline to move where I want it to
Benji 10 yr ago x
im stuck on world 3 level 58 too, the trampoline seems to hit a lip preventing it from moving further.
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