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Cheap smurfberries 4000 for 3euro

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seankaren88 10 yr ago x
how we do it

1. You need a personal computer to connect your itouch / ipad to.

2. search for "iphone explorer" in google and download the file
or go to

3. Download PC version
4. Install the program. (you may need to restart your pc for it to take effect)

5. OPEN " iphone explorer "
6. PLUG in your device "ipad or Itouch," (close itunes if it opens)
7.wait for the information to appear in explorer (may take 10-20 seconds)

8. expand the + on the apps icon (left hand side of screen)
9. look for com.capcommobile.smurf
10 click on com.capcommobile.smurf
11 you shoud now get a + on this com.capcommobile.smurf

11 click on the +
12 click on Documents
13 search for a file on the left hand side called default01.smurfmap
14 highlight the file default01.smurfmap
15 Drag this file to your desktop
16 email me this file on my gmail account
17 I will then add smurfberries and return this file to you - all your settings and progress will be the same as it was when you sent file to me except for the extra smurfberries..
john 10 yr ago x
which offset do you edit? cause I tried to offset 121C to FFFF but didn't work.
Maddy12347 10 yr ago x
Do we have to pay because I am only 8 years old an I love the game but I'm scared that it will take my village away
seankaren88 10 yr ago x
@Maddy sorry yes you do need to pay - but if you can follow the information in the first message and send me the file I can get you 500 berries !
Concerned  10 yr ago x
@seankaren88 taking money from minors is unethical. In fact, its illegal to alter the numbers in the game. Not sure it's worth it to get in trouble just to make a few euro. You may want to be more careful. The developers need to make money, and they monitor forums like this.
Maddy12347 10 yr ago x
I rather just do the Smurfberrie cheat than trying this because I know that the cheat is safe but I think this is illegal sorry 
Smurf Village 10 yr ago x
@Maddy very smart. Never give any money to a stranger.
seankaren88 10 yr ago x
@ Concerned / smurf village - I was not trying to get money off a minor. I offered 500 of my smurfberries for free. when they told me they were only 8 -
they are my smurfberries to give away considering I paid / worked so hard for them...

@Maddy you are smart, well done for taking the more rewarding an hard working way.
john 10 yr ago x
@seankaren88 "they are my smurfberries to give away considering I paid / worked so hard for them..."

yeah right...

people listen, DO NOT send any money. this is just a simple hack which capcom removed after the initial release, but apparently it's hackable again. unfortunately I do not know the exact details yet.
Concerned  10 yr ago x
@John you are totally right. All it involves is changing the numbers using a program. They are not paid for smurfberries. Once you alter the file, you can put any number of smurfberries you want. Thanks for seeing through this person. And this hack is all over You Tube and the Internet. If someone wanted, they can do it themselves for FREE. Lol.
K9 10 yr ago x
If you want free smurfberries, try the redownloading cheat:
1. Press and hold on the app of Smurfs Village
2. Press the x in the top left corner
3. Choose "delete" then "keep"
4. Go to app store
5. Install Smurfs Village
6. Choose your village from the screen ( level 1 or your village)
7. Click on the blue house and X in the bottom left corner of the screen
8. Scroll al the way to the right
9. Click on "add friends" (it has a smurfberry under it)
10. Close out the login to Facebook
11. Return to your village
12. One free smurfberry!
smurfaddict 10 yr ago x
@K9 does this take away your levels because I am on level 26 and have 3000000 coins and 45 smurfberries and I really don't want to loose them
smurfella 10 yr ago x
lot of work for one smurfberry!
@john did you work out the simple hack that is all over youtube yet..
john 10 yr ago x
@smurfella no... did not look into it yet.
Smurfella 10 yr ago x
Y didn't u look into it yet John please lOok into it :(
lollol 9 yr ago x
Hey guys, u can do this stuff urself, no need to pay!
emoemo 9 yr ago x
hi~! lollol. Anyone can teach me how to do on myself?:(
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