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Tap Petshop iphone cheats free paws coins ipod touch app game

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Roo 6 yr ago x
This is bull shit it is tooooo hard espeshaly when u don't have a computer next to u
Chulichuli2  6 yr ago x
How do u get 999999999 or get free paws free hear me free
rocco 6 yr ago x
hey how to earn pAws and coins pls help me out in pet shop
999999999 6 yr ago x
How can you get paws without buying all the time. It is a fun game but cost to much in money and paws
Rosie 6 yr ago x
For god's sake can you just tell us it won't do you any harm????!!!!
Lalapanda 6 yr ago x
So I'm confused... How do you get it I'm on my iPad so is that software thing SQ or something comparable with anipad? Plz help I onl have four coins on person and I get about one coin every ten minutes
picaslover 6 yr ago x
It won't work :s I can't put the gamestatedb document in the iexplorer again :s help?
Hell with it 6 yr ago x
How do u get paws for free without paying when a customer is satisfied u should get free paws people are jerks nowadays
Crazycookiecat 6 yr ago x
I know a way to get paws FOR FREE! If you upgrade twice then you will get this thingy called rewards. First you get coins, then more, then more coins and finally you can get paws!
Kk 6 yr ago x
How do you get paws?
Lol 6 yr ago x
I need to know how
Frustrated 6 yr ago x
I'm told my turkey run is ready for pick up but I don't know how to as when I open the game the icon disappears !
Chayli 6 yr ago x
How do you get free paws without much difficulty?

P.S. i dont like the matter that You have to wait hours and hours to get a new habitat and that expanding the store is so expensive and takes forever.
Blub 6 yr ago x
Stfu Nicky you're full of shit
i hate nickey 6 yr ago x
its just a game
i hate nickey 6 yr ago x
all u have two do to get free land is buy the land and stay on the land screen and shut down your device and when u turn on your device it u will still have all your money
i hate nickey 6 yr ago x
your welcome
guest 6 yr ago x
how do i get free paws?
scar 6 yr ago x
How do you get alot of paws and coins without waiting to find a adopter or not bying it on the app store.
Tina 6 yr ago x
To get ur account transferred u have to email the company that runs it. Provide them with old info. Like game coins etc. make a new name like ur a new player. Provide them with that name as well. They will transfer it for you.
Whatever123 6 yr ago x
Just earn them I've got 87,500 right now.
kvkvkvk 6 yr ago x
aha iv got 477,658!!!...
ICUPICUP2ICUP4U 6 yr ago x
1,395,586..beat that.
Gracielovesonedirection 6 yr ago x
I need to bui
D a new cat enclosure but I don't have enough lime hooks and blue paving. Any cheats for those?
Pinky 6 yr ago x
How can yOu get free gems?
Ava 6 yr ago x
I need free paws so I don't have to by them I dont want to raise my money
Don't ask 6 yr ago x
I HATE having these apps that lour You in to buy stuff, wether its paws or gems or dollars or blueberries it's always the same. But I keep these apps because I always end up finding some cheat or some way to get around all the crap downloads or paw or blueberry or dollar or gem sales. So here I am again begging for someone to give me a simple,easy,fast cheat. Please reply soon enough. Thanks.
Amy 6 yr ago x
Follow me on twitter an ill tell you how to get 999'999'999 coins @AmyClarke2012
Don't ask 6 yr ago x
I don't have twitter!!! I'm not allowed!! Please tell me!!!
Awsome 6 yr ago x
I'm playing this, it's fun and all but the habbitats cost paws not coins some1 help???
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